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  1. No we lived in west bridgeford on Holme road then we bought a house on Loughborogh rd.
  2. we used to go to Lyons and Kardhoma, Lyons had a doorman dressed in a uniform he opened the door for you and chucked them out that were undesirable. Never went in Griffins it were too posh for me.
  3. ok that would be really nice. I live right down near lands end though its a long way from anywhere. will pm my phone number if you find one
  4. yes thats the name thank you. will look on amazon for the book as I now live in cornwall and I dont think it will be down here.
  5. Orange street was the first street after st saviours church going toward trent bridge.
  6. cant remember but across from us was a greengrocer on the corner and the cafe was next door to that. The shop next to us was a butchers shop on the corner of st saviors st. I reckon we furnished most of the houses in the meadows. We didnt live there but I loved being there sitting outside with a cup of tea and a fag ing to everyone. They were good days spent with good people who looked after each other.
  7. we had the open fronted second hand shop by st saviors church 181 arkwright st. We had people who bought stuff at the beginning of the week then sold it back to us on a saturday. The only other shops ,I remember were the cafe opposte run by Harry ? and cumberland coaches I remember Louella as a pretty blonde girl. Ah happy days when we were young.
  8. just having a go before I post for real