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  1. You fine fine people! Thank you very much If any of you find yourself at a loose end a week on Thursday (30th April!) then head down to Seven and I will thank you in person!!! T
  2. Hey hey, My name's Tom, I'm in a Sheffield band and I'm trying to find out a bit more about the live music scene in Nottingham. We've got a gig down your way on 30th April at Seven (fka Junktion 7), and I was wondering if a kind soul on here could point me in the direction of any other good Notts venues that we should check out? If anyone can point me in the direction of any other Notts music forum as well that would be dandy! If it helps, we're a grungey/groovey/rocky type band and have a couple of tracks up HERE. My good lady studies in your fair city, but she commutes from up here so she's not too clued up on the live scene, and a lot of her friends are into club music rather than good old fashioned guitars!! Any help would be much appreciated! T