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  1. I always wondered why they couldn't adapt the old GC viaduct instead of knocking it down and building another one for the trams.Perhaps some engineering expert could explain or is it just our councillors like spending our money?
  2. By squeaky line I assume you mean the line from Basford North up to Bulwell Common up around a sharp bend where the engines and wagons used to make a tremendous racket. Not sure which line you mean by grandad.It used to amaze me how the old O4s and austerities managed to get their trains through the rathole and up to Bagthorpe Junction, often having to restart after being checked by signals coming onto the main line.At this time the engines from Colwick shed were not in the best of condition.I had a friend who lived on Harmston Rise whose house backed onto the incline from the rathole so we ha
  3. Hi Rob I stand corrected and bow to your correct spelling.We used to go in Nellie Bisbys on the way home for a fourpenny jubbly.I used to camp on Halfpenny Bridge in the evening till the fish had gone past about 7.30 and very rarely ventured down to Arnold Road.It was always an Immingham Brit pulling it at that time, usually Hereward the Wake or Rudyard Kipling. It took me months to spot Boadicea which seemed to be quite rare. Used to live near Basford North station and seemed to be surrounded by railway lines at that time. Still got some old photos I took with my Brownie 127. I cannot belie
  4. Just had an e mail from an ex neighbour to say my old junior school was closing down last Friday. They were happy days then .I was there from 1955 until 1961 when I moved on to High Pavement, now also closed and demolished. Does anybody remember the teachers from those days - Mr Holmes,deputy head ,who always used to carry a huge gladstone bag everywhere,even when refereeing the football matches.My first teacher Miss Gregory, Mr Davis- a vicious little man with his strap, Mrs Towlson and Miss Dyer.The headmaster was Mr Turner who lived in Mansfield.I expect most of them are dead by now.