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  1. I asked her tonight and she said that it was just the Nottm (I wonder if I'm allowed to say it like that xD) Uni. Also, cheers for the welcome!
  2. What do I want? Well really, its just a case of having a place to try and get out into the world a little bit. So long as it has some decent nightlife I should be fine when it comes to entertainment. As for music, I'm all over the shop, but right now I'm really into my Progressive-Rock like Oceansize (Who are playing in Nottingham soon =D). Her uni is just the umm, "The University of Nottingham". Theatre and gallery junk does sound rather interesting though I must say!
  3. I'm really too sure if this go here... But here goes anyway... Heya, I'm looking into moving to Nottingham at the end of september sometime with my ladyfriend. Shes off to uni, I would like a new enviorment and be able to be around her =) I'm sure the reasons sound silly, but this is something I'd really like to do. I'm living in bristol with my mother right now but work 3 part time jobs to bring the money in. Anyway, point of this is to ask if anyone has any tips... Aside from the obvious making sure you have a job and a place to stay. Thank you in advance!