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  1. Give me a couple of days and I will get some maps posted for you. The content of the maps is fascinating but navigating them is a nightmare one minute you can be in Long Eaton the next map you scroll to is then Glossop!!!! Any specific parts of Long Eaton/Derby you'd be interested in seeing??
  2. Does anybody have a map of Bulwell from the turn of the 20th century which shows where the Great Northern Railway crossed the Midland line and also the junctions off the Midland line for the Cinderhill Colliery and Bennerley branches??? I have a CD rom of maps for Derbyshire (1896-1901) but don't know whether such a thing for Nottinghamshire exists?
  3. Thanks to everyone for the attached information. So far I have come across quite alot of information that I was unaware of. I really appreciate this.
  4. Does anybody have any information on the long abandoned route from Bulwell to Bennerley via Kimberley. I know that it left the MR Nottingham to Mansfield line at a location just to the north of the present day Highbury Vale tram stop, crossed Coventry Road, Bulwell and pretty much followed the course of Sellers Wood Road before continuing to Watnall and Kimberley. Apparently there were sidings which joined the line that served Sankeys Brickworks and Bulwell Colliery. Photographs of the line are something of a rarity and if anybody has or knows of anybody who has images of the line including