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  1. Am reasearchin my family for a book I am writing. Thomas PERRY born 1788 married Ann Walker in Lenton in 1808 They had 6 children; William Henry, Alfred, Mary Ann, Frances, Reuben and George I am descended from William Henrys side. The Perrys were big in lace in the 1800s. They built the big factory known as The Boulevard Works Any help greatly appreciated Regards Michael Perry
  2. Looking for any information on the Perry family from Nottingham. They were all involved in Lace Making in the 1800s. The Boulevard Works factory was originally built by them. I am writing a book on the family and am missing some family members. Any help would be greatly received. My great great great greatgandfather was Thomas PERRY born around 1788. He married Ann Walker in 1808 Lenton. They had 6 childre. William Henry,Alfred, Mary Ann, Frances, Reuben and George Any Help would be greatly appreciated Regards Michael Perry
  3. My family were from Nottingham, they were all involved in the lace industry throughout the 1800s. I am in the process of writing a book about the family and am ALWAYS looking for more information on the Family I have recently discovered 2 great x4 greataunts. I know there are more family members I have yet to discover My great great great grandfather was William Henry Perry born Beeston 1809 and died in 1897 Looking for any info on the family Many thanks