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  1. Workers Playtime with wilfred pickles [give them the money mable] ITMA tommy handly or valatine dial 'the man in black, 'saturday nights, and what about "bye that shady brook' singer Donald peers or tommy trinder,
  2. the barn as it was known was also the Astoria Ballroom dont remember the road, but if you where going from town to trent bridge, you would pass marks and spencers on the left, them british home store and woolworths on the right, keep to the right [used to be some old arms houses, but they went years ago] was a car show room on a corner the astoris was on the corner of canel street and i think wheeler gate [you passed a pub called the sawyers] will find out
  3. Radio 208 luxemburge was a big life saver, I used to listen to it on our camp radio when I was in the army and on guard duty notic you used to live ryehill street when i lived bell street 50s [off orange st] delivered papers from muskum ?? street paper shop all round that area
  4. did you know, he was one o0f three bands that never played or got a record played on luxemburge 208
  5. any one remember the monday night specials [two for the price of one] around the 50s
  6. any one remember MAC, took techincal drawing senior boys also M. A Trig, or Disney took RI dennis ma