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  1. I also remember Mrs Pratt and you know we made fun of her name
  2. Wondered if there are any members around that went to Peveril during the years (approximately) 1966 to 1972. Wondered if anyone who went to Peveril at all, has any pictures to post. Does anyone remember any of the teachers names? I remember Mrs Dodd and Mr Williams. If I think about it, some more names may come back to me. Do any of you remember our weeks trip to Robin's Hood Bay?
  3. Hello and Welcome! I went to Berridge Jr AND Peveril AND grew up on Hyson Green, but I don't recall your name or your friends. I too, live in the USA. I was at Peveril from around 1967 and Berridge prior to that. Love this forum. It brings back so many memories. I was looking for old photos of Peveril School and the Prefect and Head Girl/boy uniforms.