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  1. Hi Norma, Ileft TB a few years before you 1946 in fact. This is just to say hello and ask if you know this place. I took the photo last year. Hal
  2. Hi Mick2me, ilkolad , The badge is Bearsted Golf Club. If u blow up the photo, in the space between the men on the left is another building with 3 dormer windows in the roof, I don't know if that helps
  3. At last it works. The man standing is my grandad, he used to race for money. On the back of this photo is an address. H.C.Ranwell. York Villas. 9 Imperial Ave. Beeston. I havent been able to trace the name or the address. I thought that the buildings were the Trent Pumping Station but they don't look quite right. Can anyone help. Hal
  4. Please can anyone help. I have a photo that I wish to post onto this forum. How do i do it. Hal
  5. Talking about the sweet shop in Kirk White Street. In the late 1890s my grandmother owned that shop and my mother told me how she only had to cross the road to go to school. I can also remember her telling me how when she helped out in the shop. The workmen called in on their way to work for a packet of Woodbines and a match. By the way the packet was only two fags and the cost was one old penny. My mothers maiden name was Ada Day.
  6. Re the pleasure park I don't think I paid anything to get in if you went across on the penny ferry. On a sadder note can you remember at the top end of Meadow Lane there was a level crossing. Well as a small child I was once told that my Grandfather, who was going blind. put his head on the line in front of a train. I have never been able to find out if this was true. Still more cheerful things next time. Hal
  7. I once went to the Plaza. As I remember you had to go down a wide flight of stairs to get in. I can also remember the Queens just before the LMS railway at the top end of Arkwright St. There was also the Imperial on Wilford Road and the Grove on I think Mayfield Street. I can also remember catching one of the motor boats at Trent Bridge to go to the Pleasure Park up River. You could walk dowm the side of the river infrony of the football ground under the railway bridge and then catch a penny ferry over to the park. Hal
  8. Hi I've just found this site and it makes very intresting reading. I was born in Nottingham in 1932 in the Meadows and went to Collagate infants and Trent Bridge juniors and seniors schools. This was in the late 30s and early 40s Talking of the Embankment I can remember, I think it was in the 40s, a scaffold tower was built on the suspension bridge, some 40/50 foot high. From the top of the tower a one-legged man [ Peg leg Pete] would dive into the river. At one of his shows he was wraped in sacking which was set alight just before he dived. Saturday afternoon at the globe cost 5 old pennies