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  1. Were these 2 your Corona men in Clifton in the 60's?


    My husband - the one on the right (and yes he is old enough to be out on hisown) worked in Clifton - Ruddington - Bunny - Wysall etc He was the full time driver and the guy on the left was his "Saturday Lad". The depot was in St. Annes.

    When we married he worked away as an engineer most of the time and decided enough was enough and wanted a "steady" job and took the Corona one supposedly for a couple of months whilst he found an engineering job and liked it so much he stayed for 2 years.
    Remember we always had tins and tins of Morton pie filling and peas, vinegar and blackcurrant drinks as well as loads of pop
    in our pantry.

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  2. I detest bread and butter pudding and pobs - awful stuff.

    Always reminds me of a game we used to play at a friends birthday party when we were kids. The game revolved around Nelson and his Battles - it was quite a long game which everyone sang and joined in with and whoever was "in" (and blindfolded) when he lost his eye had to put their fingers into this bowl which contained soggy bread and it always seemed to be me. Never could eat bread and butter pudding after that and still call it Nelsons Eye.

    Seems a strange game now I have written it down but can remember it was always the highlight of the party.

  3. In our house in Yorkshire we had pudding 3 ways.

    My parents always had it first with onion gravy - I always ate it with my dinner which I got told off about many times - with jam as afters.

    When I married my Notts husband he was converted to pud with gravy first and later my son always ate it like that, I was the only one who was "wrong".

  4. There is a small but interesting article on a BBC page about Nottingham inventors which mentions, very briefly, the video recorder inventors.

    Also on that page are -

    HP Sauce - Spinny Jenny - Stocking Kniting Machine - GM Tomatoes - Shin Guards - Bike Gears - The Tank - Video Recorder - Walking Clothes Dryer - MR Scanner - Invisible Bra (anybody could invent one of those :tongue: )

  5. Stephen - can you remember what Yorkshire Jam Cake was like?

    Born and bred in Yorkshire I have never heard of it and after a Google search is seems that lots of Yorkshire folk haven't either.

    Someone (non Yorkie) referred to it as pastry with jam in the middle which was the way everyone used up the left over pastry bits but never heard of Yorkshire Jam Cake.

  6. Quote from Angie Bowie - There’s nothing about the sound that’s new, either. The subject matter is tired – it’s a nostalgic look back to
    the last time he was at the forefront of pop music.

    It is from an article in DM


    I agree with her - I have all Bowies old stuff but would not even consider a free download of this song.

    All of us on here have lots of nostalgic look backs but this is not a good one.

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  7. We have just had 3 months of the same stress. Empty house up for sale early November and sold to a cash buyer within 2 weeks but she has given us almost 3 months of grief. Had we not have found what we wanted I would have told her to "shove it" long ago.

    Every little thing she noticed she wanted another grand off the price until we could stand it no longer and gently said enough is enough we want a signature by ....... which was last week and it was sorted.

    Hope she never finds the window keys 'cos we don't know where they are and that was one thing she missed. :jumping:

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  8. No edit here and I pressed before I had finished ----------

    and don't eat that c""p either - that quorn stuff is vile. Not a veggie by ethics etc but by illness but now quite happy not to eat meat but my OH does and also quite happy to cook for him and the rest of the family so no drum bashing veggie.

    That joke appeals to my sense of humour.

  9. In Oz last year and went on a whale watching trip - over £100 each - booked and picked up at hotel by coach, walked onto boat without anyone asking who we were or where we were staying and to this day have never been charged for it. Thought the Hotel were going to bill us for it but hey ho, thank you very much!!!

    Also had a good result on ebay 2 years ago - sold some "airmiles" (not saying which airline in case it was you who bought them :-) but got almost £600 for them and the buyer has still not used them and they will soon be out of time. We had been trying to use them without much luck and read on Martins Money Saving site that you could sell them on ebay so was gobsmacked at what they sold for.

  10. We moved to Bastion Street in Radford in 1967 and as it was an older house thought it would not be long before it was knocked down and we would get a council house - just looked on Google Earth and it is still there!! We paid 21/6d a week rent and remember one week we had to have a new dustbin which cost quite a bit of a weeks rent.

    I worked at Players and OH at Raleigh so not far to work for either of us then worked part time in a corner shop - think it was on Foster Street which belonged to Burt and Joyce (no kidding and they lived near there).

    I do remember on day taking some shopping to an old lady who lived across the road from us and there were pictures of 10 Years After on her walls and thought it strange she had all those up on her walls - think it was Alvin Lee who was her grandson

  11. Not in Notts at the moment but when we eventually get back there I will ask my friend as she really has a great memory of those days (don't know how as she can hardly remember what she did yesterday) - problem is I can't get her to use the Internet.

  12. The Mini boys loved their reputation - knew them very well and still see some of them now.

    When I was single in Notts my best friend and I would go to the Boat on Friday - work usually on Sat morning - shopping Saturday afternoon and Kardoma on King Street before going home to get ready for Sat and Sunday.

    In the Sal and Children then to get a bottle of wine from Yates to take up the Mojo..

    We knew Terry Flynne on the door of the Dungeon and he would let us leave our "Vanity Case" plus wine in the cloakroom until we went off to the Mojo at about 11pm. Seem to remember the wine was VP or sometimes Yates own brand which was fire water. My mate used to drink barley wine -awful stuff.

    Sometimes we would cadge a lift up there but quite a few times we would go to Mansfield Road and thumb a lift - we always got there ok. We once got a lift up there with the band that were on at the Dungeon who, like lots of them, would then go to play the Mojo but can't for the life of me remember who they were.

    Thrown out the Mojo about 8 am when we would go for breakfast then make our way back to Notts.

    In the Sal or Children again then to the Scala on Market Street or "funnies" as we knew it where they had big comfy seats where we would usually fall asleep then back to the pub again before home at 11.

    We shared a flat so nobody gave us grief about staying out.

    Lots of brilliant memories of those days - we were in the raid when they had the buses outside the Dungeon and remember lots of pills hitting the floor of the when the law came running down the stairs and Clive C trying to pick them up and we had to stop him - thought all his birthdays had come at once until he realised what was happening!!!

    Those were the days :jumping:

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  13. The Beatles played at the Elizabethan Rooms on 7th March 1963 with Billy J Kramer and Jerry and the Pacemakers.

    The girl I shared a flat with told me she was in the lift with the Beatles and we thought she was telling us fibs until she came up with her the ticket she had had signed by them all !!! Wonder if she still has it?