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  1. There was always at least one man in the street who worked on the railway. If his shift started in the early morning there was a caller up who was like an alarm clock. He was somebody who would knock on the bedroom window with a long pole.then there was the man who used to light all the gas lamps in the street, and in the morning he came round and put them out.
  2. Hi Loppylugs, that's right they were the two biggest houses on the street. They had what they called a breakfast room just off the kitchen, we had a scullery and a living room. Susan did have a brother, Edward who was older than her, I think he liked scaring the little kids.
  3. Sorry Dave, I don't remember your name, but I must have seen you at school. I used to play with Susan Key , she lived on Hodgkinson st the last house on the left near the railway line. Do you know her?
  4. Hi Babs, I remember Mr. Crawford , his club foot used to fascinate me when I was little, and I remember Norman. Sheila Mann lived on Festus st I think. The Astills lived at the top of Arthur st. You won't remember the floods in the late 1940s, but somebody reading this might do. The water was half way up the houses on Colwick vale and food parcels were taken to residents who were living upstairs by boat.
  5. Just been looking at Pictures of the Past. I've spotted one of Netherfield Rovers football club and found my dad, Jack Bell, he also played for their cricket team. From right to left my dad is standing next to the goalie. Arthur Ibbotson is standing behind him and his son Alan is holding the cup.Frank Welbourne is far left on his son Gordon is holding the ball. I can see Freddie Seston on the left and I know the name R Salvin .Can anyone else remember this photo?.
  6. I forgot to mention Miss Plackett our headmistress, I think everyone was terrified of her .....she was strict .
  7. I wonder if I know you Josie, I went to Carlton Girls school from 1953 - 57. My form teacher was Miss Euston I can remember Miss Nevin, Miss Salavanski, Miss Dennis, Mr Cook, Mr Cole, all the girls thought he was lovely, but Mr Cook was quite abrupt. I can remember now walking to the sports field on Stoke Lane. I can also remember all the school walking in twos to Carlton - le - Willows for speech day, our school hall wasn't big enough to hold all the school together..We had to play hockey and netball on the front playground where everybody could see us running round in our navy knickers.
  8. We moved to Bailey st when I was 11, used to play on the rec at the bottom of Forester st, a gang of us used to go on the Cricket field and jump the concrete blocks under the bridge. When I think back to what we all used to do , but we couldn't see any danger then.
  9. Hi Babs, I lived on Arthur st about 6 houses from the cinder path. Peter Burrows lived next but one to us and across the street was Dorothy Pritchett. At the top of the street was Otters shop, and if Mrs Otter was serving I didn't like going in for a newspaper cos I was frightened of her . I was at Ida and George's wedding at St.Georges church, she now lives down Colwick.
  10. Hi Loppylugs, I was at Ashwell st school in 1950, I wonder if I know you , what's your name?.
  11. George's wife Glenis had a sister and she married Ron Tansley, I can't remember her name though. Can you remember Pat Merritt she lived at 42 Deabill st, I went to school with her and Irene Bush, do you remember her.,there was the Wraggs who lived down Hodgkinson st, what about the Swinscoes do you remember them, there was Colin, Dave, Maureen, Ida and a couple more who I can't think of. I'm still in touch with Ida , we phone each other and when I'm in Netherfield I nip in to see her, and Ann Lawton. I used to see Ron Tansley in his teddy boy suit walking down Victoria rd there was usually so
  12. Hi Babs, I can remember Gary, June Thorpe's son but I can't remember any of her other children. You say you went to live on Deabill st, my cousin lived at 40 his name was George Ruff, he lived there all his life. Can you remember June Smith, I'm sure she married one of the Bates lads and I think they were going to live in Australia. I remember Mary Garner, she lived at the last house on Forester st. she was in my class and Geogina Glover , her dad had the butchers shop. I can remember the name Ray Clements but not his face. It was'nt me who organised the reunion it must have been Joyce Ibbots
  13. I lived on Bailey street, next door but one to the corner shop. I know Kenny Bates and George , his brother, they lived on Forester street. There was a chip shop on Forester st and we all used to sit outside on the window sill. There was John Mann, John Gregory, he lived in the shop, June Thorpe, Joyce Ibbotson, Ann Lawton, me my name was Sheila Bell , and a few more.