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  1. On 1/31/2019 at 8:26 PM, Anthony Hood said:


    The Tivey name keeps cropping up in messages. Firstly from Cliff Ton, secondly a Tivey has just joined GVPS and thirdly from you.


    I last spoke to Vi on Monday and when I mentioned the name Tivey, she said that Mr & Mrs Tivey lived next door to her on Standhill Road. She only knew the parents as Mr & Mrs Tivey (as she was young), but was friends with their children, Harry & Ida. Ida had a son called Fred.




    my maiden name was Tivey, Mr and Mrs Tivey who lived on standhill road  were my fathers grandparents. He was given away as a baby by his parents, Charles Tivey and Lilian Boothe., and lived with his grandparents. Harry and Ida also lived there. Ida was not my dads mother, maybe people thought she was, my dad was Frederick who sadly passed away aged 68.My  dads parents went on to have more children, sydney, david, derek, brenda, june, also two more sisters marjorie and eveline, who both died from TB in their early 20s.I never heard my Dad mention a Vi,but he would have been very young.

    i am still on the search for a photo of the house where i was born but no luck so far.There were 4 houses that stood back ,up some steps ,next to the nags head pub,we lived in the end house next to an orchard.

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  2. Our last cat was called Kravitz,he followed my husband every where,he would wait by the back door as he saw my husband getting ready to go up the garden(the garden is uphill and nearly half an acre),when the cat saw that my husband had got all he needed he would race up the garden and wait.When i shouted that dinner was ready,down they would both come.He was an amazing cat,one night he jumped on the bed and kept patting me on the cheek until i followed him downstairs into where i had left a candle burning!..another time he kept going to the washing machine then back to me...the washing machine had a leak and we  hadnt noticed!

    When my husband died,it wasnt long before the cat followed.Theres loads more about Kravitz he was wonderful.

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  3. Just about getting over a lot of nasty side effects of antibiotics...they gave me every side effect known and more besides.

    The capsules are called macrobid..i would never have taken them if i had read loads of reviews about them,i thought i was going to die,they knocked me off my feet for more than a week...and the worst bit was i missed some days of sunshine.

  4. IAN 123


       My dad had hundreds of records in his shed ,in piles ,not stored properly ...if one got dropped they smashed into loads of bits,some were very old recordings which he had been given by his grandparents(who brought him up) i can remember one saying it had been recorded at drury lane,it was sounded as if you were really there.....also some records smaller than normal 78s,it said on them something about being the first elecrtrical recorded records.

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  5. No fish and chip vans round here,but today ive had a leaflet pushed through the letterbox saying we will soon have a Pizza van coming round,starting this saturday.Bleddy hell £7.50 for a cheese and tomato one,i can get one at co-op for about £3 or less,and im not that lazy that i cant warm one up myself.

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