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  1. Keep One Drop One

    Christmas cracker
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Fish tank
  3. Keep One Drop One

    Chip pan
  4. Keep One Drop One

    Hot chocolate
  5. Keep One Drop One

    Leap frog
  6. All over the 'oppit?!

    My granny used to say all over the oppit,I think it just meant that something was all over the place. Another saying was gerrout of the ossroad,meaning move out of the way,I suppose that stems from the days of horses or a horse and cart,and you had to get off the road for safety.
  7. Keep One Drop One

    Bull dozer
  8. Keep One Drop One

    Pit bull
  9. Keep One Drop One

    Wollaton hall
  10. Keep One Drop One

    French letter
  11. Keep One Drop One

    Fitted carpet
  12. Bonfire Night

    Never heard of either of the above two posts,makes sense though.
  13. Replying to older posts

    Still having a problem that I've had for some time. I can post replies to keep one drop one and a few other posts,but I can't post replies on most things,one being how's your day. Could the problem be I never sign out I use an iiPad ? No idea what goes wrong ,I just tap on the reply box,nothing happens. I know it sounds daft but I think it started when I had a C instead of my former 'crankypig' I had to ask the question here as can't seem to anywhere else.
  14. Keep One Drop One

    Sheet music
  15. Keep One Drop One

    Radio waves