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  1. Keep One Drop One.

    Nettle sting
  2. Keep One Drop One.

    Sewing machine
  3. Keep One Drop One.

    Copy cat
  4. Sucky Bogger!

    The first time my mam saw Mick Jagger on the telly she said 'He looks a sucky bogger'....oh dear.
  5. Rail travel card

    Thanks for the info sounds like a good idea to get one.
  6. Rail travel card

    Does anyone use a rail travel card? I ain't been on a train for years,but I was wondering,is it much cheaper with a card and are there only certain times you can use it,like a bus pass?
  7. Midland station

    Yes it's really bad,it's said it started in a toilet.My daughter was late getting to work as they have closed some roads off. Also an incident Waverley street,roads closed off...don't know what's happened Trams not running.
  8. Things that pee you off

    Teenage school kids often use two seats to themselves,then fiddle with their phone and pretend they havnt seen you having to stand all the way to town.
  9. Plastic waste

    Compo I agree that the only way is to return to paper and cardboard why can't we? Primark use paper bags,but other shops continue to ask if you want a 5 or 10 p carrier bag a plastic one.Sometimes you see something in a shop that you would like to buy,but have forgotten to take a bag,so you either pay for a plastic one ,or carry the item unwrapped which makes you look like a shoplifter.
  10. Were you born at home

    Myself and two sisters were born at children were born in the city hospital,the hospital has changed a lot since then.I was kept in for ten days each time,now they send mothers home as early as next day.
  11. Plastic waste

    I pick up litter from my drive which is dumped there by school kids. Its not just kids though ,cars whizzing down our road chuck McDonald's and KFC rubbish,both are at least two miles away . Why can't they take their rubbish home.
  12. problems replying to posts

    Hit it? I feel like hitting it with a hammer.
  13. searching

    It's a bit late ,but a happy and healthy new year to everyone.
  14. problems replying to posts

    I would just like to say,I still have problems replying to posts. When I first joined nottstalgia I could reply to anything,now it's just a very few. If I click on reply nothing happens, .maybe it's because I use an iPad? Dont want people to think I only come on here to play song association or keep one drop one.
  15. Homeopathy-Claptrap, Bunkum or What ?

    Many years ago there was a Herbalist on Handel street ,just off Carlton road.My grandma used to go there for all sorts of remedies,I also used to sometimes call in on my way home from work.It was called Henchers I think. The man in this shop would often mix his own remedies for you.I used to buy his shampoo,I have never had any as good.The so called herbalist shops now are nowhere as good as this was.Does anyone remember the shop.?