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  1. Wonder who will be around to check if that clock is a second slow or fast in ten million years, don't think it will affect me!
  2. Commo

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Sue, be great if Carni could pop round to share the cake! Avagudun! xx
  3. Commo

    Newark and its history

    I seem to recall being told that it was known as Red Gutter. It was the Battle of Stoke Field in June 1487, the last major battle in The Wars of The Roses, some two years after the Battle of Bosworth Field, and was when the rebel Yorkist forces were routed by the far larger royalist army, with just about 100 fatalities suffered by the royalists but an estimated 4000 of the Yorkists killed within three hours.
  4. Commo

    Water Meters

    Inspired by your question Carni, I decided that as there is just me in the house, my bill of £770 for the next year seems excessive and rang Yorkshire Water last week who reckoned I could be paying about £400 with a meter, with two years to change my mind if it doesn't actually work out to my advantage. I requested one fixing and they are arriving on 23rd May to check if one can be fitted. Call me cynical, but why would a privatised company suggest that I have a meter if they are losing money by installing one?
  5. Having posed the question to the fount of all knowledge on the Nottingham jazz scene, my brother, he also cannot recall any jazz venue in that area so the consensus is that there was no such club or if there were then it must have been very exclusive! David, my brother and nephew wonder if they would know your brother , as it is a pretty tight community and most folk are known to each other.
  6. Commo


    Difficult to say Margie, but I'll make sure you get nowhere near my cheque book!
  7. David, your brother maybe knows my nephew Matt Palmer who plays reeds with The Eagle Jazz Band. I'll try to remember to ask him tomorrow if he recalls the club on Heathcote St, if not my brother may have an idea as Matt didn't start playing that early.
  8. Commo

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday my friend, have a good day.
  9. Commo

    Unashamed Political comment

    I refrain from making overt political comment on the Forum, but have to say that this rabble is beyond contempt!
  10. Commo

    Bit a ' Bath Street.

    Pedant that I am, I have to correct the statement that King Edward Park is shown on the photo, it is in fact Victoria Park and The Garden of Rest which is shown, King Edward Park is on Carlton Road, just about opposite the end of Alfred Street South ( don't start that again! )
  11. All's well that ends ( St Anns ) well!
  12. Perhaps one of our cartographic members could post a map of the area from Commercial Square to Mansfield road to help sort out the matter for Mary.
  13. Commo

    Henry Newton

    It's all a matter of relativity D/B, to a few of us here you are nobbut a lad, enjoy being a youngster because before you know it you'll be as "mature" as we are now! PS: Henry was one of my heroes!!
  14. Commo

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Margie, let Paul spoil you even more rotten today! Graham xxx
  15. The Baptist church was ( and I think the building is still there ) on the corner of Alfred St North and Woodborough Rd and opposite the church, on the corner of Alfred St Central, was The Craven Arms. From this junction Alfred St North ran uphill to Mansfield Rd and downhill to St Ann's Well Rd at Commercial Square. The photo is taken from outside Bob's Spares, almost opposite Bullivant St which is still there and shows on the mapping supplied by Trevor. From this vantage point you are looking up Alfred St Central and if you were to turn 180 degrees you would be looking down towards Commercial Square although it could not be seen as the road turned slightly to the left as it went down to St Ann's Well Rd. Hopefully this clears up the confusion!