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  1. Chulla`s recollections of Teresa Brewer on another thread set me thinking of all the music that meant a lot to me as a child and that I still remember today. In the early 50`s my music came from the Light Programme and Dad`s keyboard sheet music and I list just a few of the tracks from my virtual CD compilation, in no particular order, and these may stir some memories for some of you as old as me! I see the Moon - The Stargazers Shrimp Boats - Jo Stafford Finger of Suspicion - Dickie Valentine Rock and Roll Waltz - Kay Starr Softly, Softly - Ruby Murray O Mein Papa - Eddie Calvert Sugar Bush - Eve Boswell Heart of My Heart - Max Bygraves Answer Me - David Whitfield Just a few from CD 1 of my collection, anyone else have their own collection?
  2. Music, music, music was one of the many strands of the soundtrack of my childhood, but didn't know the Notts County version.
  3. Redferns Pop

    Loved the Gran Shan, always a treat to have a bottle. It was when we lived in Comyn Street so definitely in the 50`s.
  4. I have a mild condition of the tremor in my right hand which makes quick Travis picking on the guitar somewhat difficult, and thanks Compo for the tip on pea eating. I switched to shaving with an electric razor some years ago, reckon that a cut throat razor would be just that, even a safety razor not always fool proof!
  5. Cigarette cards

    As someone with a passing interest in classic cars, I knew little about the Salmson apart from the name, so have just been informed by Mr Google that only about 15 of the model shown were made and therefore quite a rarity for being on ciggy cards. Thanks for that Chulla, now know something of which I was unaware of 10 minutes ago!
  6. Cigarette cards

    Keep putting this good stuff on Chulla and there won't be enough room on your profile for the number of "likes" you'll keep accumulating!
  7. Cromwell lock tragedy

    Sad to hear that the Lion has gone, Mrs C and I would occasionally drive down for lunch in the summer before a stroll around Clumber on the way home. We always thought of it as a "cosy" pub with it's seperate rooms, and having somewhat unsophisticated palates, enjoyed the fare. The Marquis was one of our stomping grounds in the late 60`s, good juke box if you could get in on a Saturday night. Once just couldn't get through the doors so had a couple of pints in the rather rustic Reindeer over the way.
  8. How's your day?

    Quite surprised to hear that you've still got half day closing in The People's Republic, thought this had gone by the time shopping seemed compulsory 7 days a week. The Shop Hours Act was brought in at the start of the 20th Century to give shop staff an entitlement to a five and a half day week, consolidated by The Shops Act 1912. Now that we are heading back to Victorian work hours it's good to see that that The People's Republic of Bulwell is staking a claim for workers rights!
  9. Nottingham Hauliers

    Couldn't afford the luxury of a real cafe Waddo! We left St Anns in 1955, when was Nora`s serving up cuppas `n cobs?
  10. Cigarette cards

    Back in the mid 60`s my mates and I had a 1936 Ford 8 Pop which we had resprayed blue and red(sacrilege!) Wonder if any of you can remember seeing it running around town in the evenings?
  11. 1950's Robin Hood Restaurant?

    Thanks Catfan, between us W/W and I managed the full title!
  12. 1950's Robin Hood Restaurant?

    Can't recall the name of the cafe W/W, but in those days it was known as a Milk Bar, saw Bill Maynard in there, the sweater boy, after having seen him at the Empire.
  13. Nottingham Hauliers

    Talking of BRS, did anyone else have an Ian Allen type spotters book for their wagons? Because of the depot on Wells Rd we found Commercial Square a good spot to camp out.
  14. Your Royal Highness

    Often wonder how he finds the time to make all them biscuits, but it definitely explains why they are so expensive.
  15. Cigarette cards

    The tandem layout explains why Daisy looked so sweet on the bicycle made for two, I used to wonder how that could be on a tandem with her sat on the rear saddle pedalling away like mad. Come on Carni, get yersens one, Chris would appreciate sitting on that front seat!