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  1. Commo


    Unfortunately we will argue from opposite stand points, and in view of the problems which I and my family are having to cope with at the present I may not be in a position to be totally polite regarding your views or perhaps even cogent so will say no more on the matter.
  2. Commo


    Just realised that Benton was the Labrador which herded the deer in Richmond Great Park and I actually should have referred to our old friend as D J Brenton!
  3. Commo


    Need to regard our voluntary agreement not to indulge in political argument, regardless of how important the subject is, otherwise it could so easily all "kick off"! Good job that Benton is no longer around !!
  4. Commo

    Come On England !!!

    Not with the p#55 poor management team in place at the moment, if it were a football team they would have been sacked a couple of years ago and an Italian brought in !!
  5. Commo

    Record shops

    Forgot to say that this would have been around about 1957/1958.
  6. Commo

    Record shops

    Once in Woolies record department I was star struck by seeing Wee Willie Harris in there, technicolour hair and bow tie, wide shoulder jacket, the lot! Quite a revalation because it wasn't that obvious on black and white telly. Even more surprising is to see that he is still around and apparently still performing at the age of 85!!
  7. Commo

    Big Brother is getting serious

    Loppy, you are right because this is the EU way, keep voting until they get the result THEY want!!
  8. Commo

    Big Brother is getting serious

    Don't be fooled, this is very little to do with copyright protection, there is a much more sinister agenda at work here but again, respecting our Forum agreement not to use this forum for political arguments, I say no more but you can easily find more info on the net and YouTube (at the moment at least) should you look a little further.
  9. Ay up Carni, yowd berrer watch yersen in future !
  10. Commo

    A few random photos - 6

    Wolseley 16/60 I reckon. We bought a Silver Cross twin pram when the twins were born in 1973. We had originally ordered a standard single which had to be changed when we found out that double trouble was on the way, and even though we lived only a few miles from the Silver Cross factory in Guiseley, it took a couple of months before it was delivered.
  11. Commo

    Things you don't see anymore

    Don't worry Mary, we are not leaving Europe, we are leaving the European Union and if Eurovision Song Contest is your thing, then the fact that Israel and Australia are included confirms that the organisers are not too bothered anyway! It still means that the UK will get few votes as usual.
  12. Commo

    Happy Fathers Day

    Looks like you've come up with that punt Ian! Get yersen another couple of bottles of that there Guiness mate !
  13. Commo

    Classic cars

    I was at that Forest Blackpool match, at the time used to stand just behind the kid`s enclosure. I felt so privileged to have seen The Wizard of the Dribble in action, even though by then he was, not unsurprisingly, past his best.
  14. Commo

    A few random photos - 2

    Black and white photos of town taken on rainy day always have a certain poignancy for me, the one outside the Odeon is a belter!
  15. Commo

    Classic cars

    The car in Havelock Street would seem to be an MG Y type.