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  1. Commo

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Never used anything to shine up the coachwork at BRS did they ?!
  2. Commo

    Out and about with Compo

    I often get mistaken for our Scottish exi!ed mate Phil !
  3. Commo

    Out and about with Compo

    Thanks Phil, now I can make the comment !
  4. Commo

    Out and about with Compo

    Certainly tastes like it! Edit. Supposed to be a response to Phil's comment about lorne sausage and grass clippings, but didn't realise that post was at the bottom of the previous page, so loses it's impact somewhat now it's out of place !!
  5. Commo


    Ian, perhaps more a question of HOW ???
  6. Commo

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    I believe so, two stroke, three cylinder Wartburg. East German engineering at it's best, a big improvement on Trabant!
  7. Commo

    Speak Nottinghameze

    Don't kid yersen youth!
  8. Commo

    The Old Market Square

    Hopes were on Long Row as on Ian's photo, just up from Yates and before Pearsons. They were eventually taken over by a national chain as Ian mentions, can't recall the trading name before it apparently became Just Pants Plus, after I had been exiled to The North!
  9. Commo

    The Old Market Square

    Phil, that was actually Hornes, who had a Royal Warrant to supply the staff livery uniforms.
  10. Mother in Law used to pay into a Christmas Club at Landers in Sutton in Ashfield to buy a Christmas hamper of Chrissy Cake, mince pies, bread, mincemeat, all presented in a festive box, usually used after for storing odds and ends.
  11. Commo

    The Old Market Square

    Wasn't Hope Bros a Gents Outfitters ? Ben and I would have bought a few pocket silks from there to complement the silk ties!
  12. Commo

    Radford Great War

    At the present both my Grandfather and his brother are shown with The Fallen on the Remembrance board in St Peters, Radford and will be united with all of the Nottingham heroes who fell defending our country and democracy in the Great War. I will have to make a pilgrimage to the new Memorial.
  13. Commo

    Royal baby

    It has been reported that the virtue signalling mother was to raise the poor child as both gender fluid and vegan, but thank goodness that HRH thought that vegan was unacceptable for the Royals, though why she seems to have said nothing about the other idiocy is puzzling.
  14. Commo

    Royal baby

    Look at me Son, when I'm talking to yer! bottle of beer! the incomparable Arthur Worsley.
  15. Commo


    Happy Birthday Carni, lurgy or no, get yersen some cream cake, bostin fittle!!