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  1. Hottest June day in 41 years

    Slightly skewed observation but intit still April?
  2. How's your day?

    Gem, I'm with Brew on his suggestion of the Volvo, apparently the Compass is good in the 4x4 version for off road use and does look like a SUV, but doesn't fare too well in other departments when compared to the competition. Budget may be a factor, and if you're not anticipating much off road use, have a look at the Seat Alteca. Everyone has differing opinions on cars, all boils down to personal circumstances, but I 'll nail my flag to the Volvo, I have had various models over the years and more than satisfied with them all.
  3. Nottingham Playhouse

    Money was tight in the 60`s, (come to think it was up until the 90`s) but Mrs C and I managed to see 2 productions at The Playhouse, Love and a Bottle, a restoration comedy by George Farquhar with Barry Rutter, and Sean O`Casey`s The Silver Tassie, can't remember who was in that. Both productions immensely enjoyable and more so as it took all of our meagre resources to go, but the fact that I still recall them quite vividly must show what the experience meant to us.
  4. Motorcycle shops

    In 1956 Dad bought a 1947 Norton 18 500 with an adult/child Canterbury sidecar from Dawsons, unfortunately not particularly reliable, he could never seem to get the timing spot on and on occasions suffered scorched trousers from the overheating exhaust!
  5. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Sue, have a really lovely day.
  6. Things you don't see anymore

    Not an impressive frontage Compo, if they were still in operation it would no doubt be re-branded as Woolworth Local or some such. Wonder if they ever stocked sticks with an `orses `ead `andle ?
  7. Motorcycle shops

    Dick, I wonder if the place you mention on Alfred St was Bob's,Spares? His place was on the corner of Alfred St Central and Northumberland St and was there certainly from the Forties through to the Sixties redevelopment of St Anns. The premises could have originally been a grocery store as it was fitted out with long wooden counters and shelving like a Marsden`s or Home and Colonial,and the rear which Bob had as his workshop was perhaps the original stores and delivery area. He occasionally had a bike for sale in the doorway of the workshop on Northumberland St.
  8. Bulwell

    The compilation of those photographs of Sankeys brought back memories of my first employment. Do you know when the fire occurred and how extensive it was? Thanks for posting that Rog.
  9. How's your day?

    So good to see that you are able to post again Gem, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. G
  10. Cheshunt Compound

    You are correct Margie, and Uncle Les did maintain a small mound at the bottom of the yard which weren't too bad until the weather warmed up, and you had to hope that he used it fairly quickly. On the plus side however, being in the middle of St Anns you did catch a drift of what it was like to live in the countryside!
  11. Cheshunt Compound

    After a delivery of Shippos at The Freemans, bottom of Gt Freeman St, always in those halcyon days from a dray pulled by a pair of Shippos greys, my uncle who lived next door to us in Comyn St would give me 3d to collect a bucketful of their natural fertiliser to dig into the small raised bed in the backyard where he grew his roses. You had to be quick with your bucket and shovel cuz it were a highly prized commodity in them days!
  12. Where is This?

    Perhaps an Austin 10 Tilly? If so definitely not a 4x4.
  13. The Old Market Square

    That's a wonderfully evocative image of our Square, but when did QV return from the Embankment? I mean, it must be a recent photo because you can see the tramlines!
  14. Yes it was Ketty Lester, just yet another of my all time favourites, has a really good piano arrangement.
  15. Bill Maynard

    Loved his work from seeing him at the Empire in the 50`s billed (no pun intended) as the "original sweater boy" through to his Greengrass. Thanks for the laughs Bill.