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  1. Rodney Bewes

    Good on yer kidder. R I P Rodney, thanks for The Lads and Bob.
  2. Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Moi aussi mesdames. The building used as the Wilcox`s New apartment in London is Queen Alexandra`s House now in use as student hostel accommodation. My daughter lived there for a couple of years in the early 90`s when she was studying at the Royal College of Music. The building is used regularly by film and TV when an Edwardian location is required. It was originally built under the patronage of Queen Alexandra as hostel accommodation for student Queen Alexandra nurses.
  3. How's your day?

    Anyone know if he's OK and perhaps just at a Marsden`s re-union or a security conference somewhere hush-hush?
  4. Nottingham transport

    Me an`all Chulla, always thought that they were an "old fashioned" vehicle even then.
  5. Visit Nottingham.

    See? I allus towd ya he wer real, cuz it's in Wikipedia so it's gorra be true!!
  6. How's your day?

    Don't know whether that's correct P/P, but Ben should be along soon with the definitive answer.
  7. Toys and comics

    Willow, worry not as long as you wear the White Hat!
  8. Toys and comics

    Oz, I was an avid Mad Mag reader, reckon that Willow Wilson is perhaps Alfred E Neuman himself. Disturbingly, I remember fondly Milly Molly Mandy, fascinated by her cloche hat which she wore. Learned to read with The House at Pooh Corner and Enid Blyton`s Weekly, remember that cost 3d a week, then Secret Seven, Famous Five and the Jennings books. I do still read Jennings, had an omnibus edition for Christmas a year or two back.
  9. Toys and comics

    I had quite a few of those cheque book sized Mary Mouse books, loved `em! Wish I had been able to keep them and they are now selling for a few bob ! My first comics were Topper and Beezer, graduating to Hotspur and Wizard by about age 9.
  10. Students

    Most probably a generational thing Brew, but having just played the above clip, I have absolutely no idea what on earth it was!!
  11. How's your day?

    Best wishes to the both of you, glad that the first procedure went well and give Mr L my best regards.
  12. Students

    Thanks for that Phil (I think). Seem to remember it took a lot more than that in the good old days!
  13. Students

    Absolutely disgusting Rog, not a Hobgoblin bottle in sight! What does Hoy Minoy signify? Perhaps something that the Dalai Chulla could translate.
  14. Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    R/R, that photo captures beautifully the quiet calm and dignity of a typical Sunday morning in Hedderley Street in the early 50`s.
  15. North or South

    It has probably been said elsewhere on the Forum in the past, but the film Saturday Night and Sunday Morning portrayed the accent as spoken in the West Riding because apparently folk down south would not have understood Nottingham speak!! I reckon it was more to do with it being more difficult to speak it correctly, whereas it's so much easier for actors to give a sort of Yorkshire accent, even using Yorkshire actors for some of the roles.