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  1. Commo

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    J & H Bell Ltd at the top of Carlton Street was one my go to shops for stationery equipment, and being HMSO suppliers, as Jill mentions, stocked the full range of OS maps. Bells promoted themselves as Printers, Bookbinders and Booksellers and at one time in their past also had a private circulating library, although I don't know what form this took. They were a long standing Nottingham firm having been established in 1800. I can smell that wonderful fragrance of new paper and books even now !
  2. Commo

    Garden Centres

    Dobbies (think that it's pronounced as that but spelt Dobies) are prevalent north of the border, we have visited the Edinburgh centres a couple of times in the past and I believe are now becoming established in England. They are of the mega centre variety and sell loads of things that you think are good buys at the time then later wonder why you bothered, at least in our experience. We never bothered to check out the plant and flora sales.
  3. Commo

    Happy Birthday

    Ay up Serry, have a Happy Birthday with as many fugues and cantatas as you can manage. Have a good day y`all !!
  4. Commo

    More New Members

    SG, dip yer bread mi duck, we all started out as newbies once, I did in 2012 and still have no idea how to post photos !! And it's great that so many folk have tried to initiate me into the dark art of something called cut and paste but all I can read is blah.. blah...blah ! You really get to understand the meaning of cyber friends, and I even managed to meet up with some of them occasionally.
  5. Commo

    Things you don't see anymore

    Appen it does Oz ! I have managed so far to survive without a "smart " phone and have no intention of altering the status quo.
  6. Commo

    Hello Nottingham!

    Margie, that's a good tip, I've been on here for six years and only realised that last week !
  7. Commo

    How's your day?

    Nowt wrong wi bein` a bit mardy duck. We will all be rooting for you so as Jill says grit yer teeth and get through it like the Nottingham gal that you are!
  8. Commo

    Hello Nottingham!

    Welcome to the Forum Bilbro` Girl, stacks of stuff on here for you to trawl through and enjoy and hopefully jog your memories to share em wi`us mi duck.
  9. Commo

    Could you do this?

    Too true Lizzie, mea culpa and now living with the regret; there's always tomorrow but sometimes that tomorrow DOESN'T come. It is so good that you are doing so much and enjoying so doing. Good on yer mi duck !!
  10. Commo

    How's your day?

    Jonab, oap rate here in Holmfirth £5.50 so almost worth the air fare and overnight stay next time you need trimming! Mind you, don't know what they charge for a beard trim!
  11. Commo

    How's your day?

    We're all rooting for yer Carni, if best wishes were cream cakes y`d be smothered in `em! Get back `om soon mi duck. Lizzie, you may be disappointed in the contents of the bag, but it looks pretty interesting to me!
  12. Commo

    How's your day?

    Good morning early risers, there are one or two of us about !
  13. Commo

    Nottingham Hauliers

    At that time caravan holidays required you to supply all your own bed linen, towels etc which meant so much more luggage was needed. Even more recently self catering cottages didn't supply these, but with the luxury of your own transport this wasn't the problem that it was when transport was by coach or train. Edit: that was how it happened Fly, and I recall us collecting on arrival and then depositing with them for the return. As Jill says, the cost was relatively little, otherwise it would not have been a viable option.
  14. Commo

    Nottingham Hauliers

    Rainbows used to offer a holiday luggage service to east coast destinations at least in the 50`s. We used to take our cases to their depot a day or so before our journey, but can't remember where that was, perhaps somewhere around Huntingdon St bus station, and the cases were then collected by us at their depot in Skeggy or Mablethorpe offices when we arrived the next day off the train.
  15. Commo

    New here today!

    Welcome to the Forum Steve, plenty of stuff on here for you to get stuck into and you'll find a few Boowul and Radford kindred spirits!