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  1. Local nicknames for Pubs

    Seven pubs in Ruddington and only one has changed its use, that is the Three Crowns, known as Top Ahs, a Hardys house and now an Asian restaurant; next down Easthorpe St is Middle Ahs, used to be Shippo`s; on the corner Tillo`s, The Red Lion, Home Ales; Brickies on High St, The Bricklayers, Home Ales and now The Framebreakers,; The Oss, The White Horse, Home Ales; down Wilford Rd The Vic, Victoria Tavern, a Free House; and last but not least The Jolly, Jolly Farmers, a Home Ales pub now known as The Ruddington Arms. Over the years I reckon that to keep six out of seven as going concerns says a lot for the determination and perseverance of the locals against all the odds!!
  2. Theatre Days

    Thanks for sharing all those MI, I've certainly enjoyed reading through them with the memories that they've invoked, some good, some poignant, some sad. Thanks again.
  3. Theatre Days

    Jill, we were probably sitting at the next table. I know it was 1977 because Derek Randall was in just before going to Oz to play in the Centenary Test. By the bye, yo lot weren't arf mekkin a racket! PS: just noticed Jill that I've made one more post than you've had "likes"
  4. Things our parents used to say

    A variation on the Ms Martin derogation in our family was "All mi eye an` NELLIE Martin". Seems that there were a few sisters in the Martin family spreading nonsense and rumour!
  5. YMCA Shakespeare Street

    Result Cliff. Christadelphian Hall, Music Hall, near enough eh?
  6. YMCA Shakespeare Street

    TBI, well done in finding that, is there any info with the photo regarding the buildings former use?
  7. YMCA Shakespeare Street

    TBI,you've probably seen the same photograph that I'm trying to find! I hadn't got it mixed up with the old Regent but reckon that before it was "rebuilt" as the YMCA, the building had been a music hall and dance hall before being remodelled as an early picture palace. I'll keep searching, or was it all a dream?!
  8. YMCA Shakespeare Street

    I believe the site was a Victorian music hall and then a picture house at the turn of the 20th Century. Somewhere I have a photo in one of the Old Nottingham publications but it's always so frustrating that when you want to turn it up it can never be found. I have a fair few such books and I'll keep searching unless someone else comes across it first. Come on Cliff, you've a pretty extensive library and your memory is no doubt a sight better than mine as to where to find it !!
  9. In my opinion, Lorne sausage is an acquired taste, and in 53 years since first eating it I have yet to acquire it!!
  10. Garden wildlife pictures

    Both male and female have the same colour plumage, the female perhaps slightly larger but that doesn't help in identifying which is which. The important thing is that robins can tell the difference!!
  11. Carni, That Lucky Old Sun was sung by Paul Robeson and perhaps some of our members more accomplished with technology than yours truly will be able to find a link for you.
  12. How's your day?

    Good on yer Ben, should be able to get a couple of new silks an`all!
  13. Players Girls

    Thanks for that R/R, seems like the dark ages now even though most of us were of the same generation as that personnel "officer".If I was as pretentious as that I'd come out with "plus ca change, plus c`est la meme chose" ! She'd really gorra bob on ersen ent she?
  14. Houston I have a problem

    Thanks Loppy, I appear to be up and running again, all I have to do now is remember the new password!!
  15. Houston I have a problem

    Tried to access the Forum on my laptop instead of the Kindle and I am being asked to sign in but the problem is that I can't remember the password so unable to sign in. Help please from anyone out there !! What do I do ?