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  1. Lambley alms houses are just downhill from Alexandra court
  2. Alan is still about, apparently he uses top band a lot. I work with one of his part time associates, I will point this forum out to him and get him to tell Alan about it
  3. The following is taken from the description of my Geocache called Lambley Jack which is located on "Back lane" Lambley The name “Lambley Jack” comes from a local story about a footpad (highwayman without a horse) who operated on the footpaths in the area. He was said to have been very generous with the money that he liberated from the local “well offs” and the peasants came to look on him as a mini Robin Hood. There’s no hard evidence that Jack actually existed but it does make a good local legend. Today the “Lambley Jack’s” are a fund raising organisation who organise events to help local c
  4. I'm doing the family tree bit and I have found out that my grandfather (George Banner) had a wet fish and fish & chip shop on Northgate Basford in the 1930's/40's (there might have been others in Birkin avenue and Bridlington St) and I was just wondering if anybody had any info about chip shops in that area.
  5. Does anybody have any information on the Nottingham home guard especially the Lambley branch?
  6. This might be of interest to some people, as part of my family tree research(my father attended Berridge in the 1920's-30's) I have just picked up a copy of the school history. It's a fascinating booklet which covers from when the school was first built upto the 1970's, it contains maps and old school pictures. You can get it from the school for a donation to school funds (£5) to cover photocopying, if you are interested you need to phone the school to give them time to photocopy it and arranged collection. cheers mb
  7. ab&mb

    Alfreton Road

    Actually I got that a bit around my neck, it should be "Bobbers mill wharf" on Alfreton road, the date is 1881. I've got this from the 1881 census which lists my grandfather living at "Bobbers mill wharf Alfreton road", wharf can also be the name of a loading area/bay for coal which ties in as my grandfather was a miner. I will have a check of the old maps Cheers Martyn
  8. ab&mb

    Alfreton Road

    Does anybody know where "Alfreton road wharf" was?, I'm doing a bit of family tree research and its given as an address for one of my ancestors.