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  1. I remember the Co-op on Sherbourne Road very well - I would pass there every day going back and forward to school
  2. I was born on Withern Road in 1952 - then moved to Strelley Road when I was about 2 - I remember Strelley Road like it was yesterday - shame I can't remember what I did last week 😀
  3. Don't remember the 'wynne' brothers - but then the name sounds familiar - I'll have a think about it
  4. No I don't remember her, I wasn't allowed in the Cocked Hat, although I did go in a few times
  5. Came acrosss this site by accident, I use to live on Broxtowe Lane, by Dad, Len Herbert had the wallpaper and paint shop near the Cocked Hat we lived there from about 1962 till 1980. Wondering if anyone remembers him? I went to Players Junior school then to Willaim Crane. In my younger days I could be found at Coffee Bar (Methodist Church on Aspley Lane) SMD (St Margrets Church) Broxtowe Youth Club, Sheila Russells. I think the first pub I went in was The Early Bird, then progressed to The Beacon, The Broad Oak I wasn't allowed in the Cocked Hat, to close to home. Then of course it was S