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  1. Hi a move the other way around. Probably the better. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. Hi thank you for the welcome. I was born at 28 Pym Street opposite Moffat Street in 1948. Me Mam Marjorie and my sister Gillian were also born in the house which was the home of my mother's aunt Florence Williams. My father was born at 16 Simpkin Street and my Grandfather lived in that house right up until he died in the forties. I loved St Anns. I have very fond memories and I am passionate about my heritage. Very, very happy days.
  3. Hi one day I might have the courage to tell you how I got the 'nickname of 'The Frog' but thanks for the warm welcome I am sure I am going to like the forum.
  4. Hi I was born at 28 Pym Street as was my mother Marjorie and my sister Gillian. It was the home of my Great Aunt, Florence Williams (on my mothers side). She was the 'Ladies Waiting Room Attendant' at the Nottingham Vic Station. She was an exceptional person to me and was my mentor. She lived in the house right up until demolition and then she was rehoused in a one bedroom council flat in Bilborough which she hated. Although we moved to Aspley and Bilborough, I was still visiting Aunty Flo right up until she moved and I was in my late teens and she too came to us. I loved the St Anns th
  5. Ribitt, Ribitt !! What a humourous and warm welcome. Many thanks
  6. Born and bred in St Anns and very passionate of my heritage. Although we moved from the area, my Great Aunt lived there right up until demolition. Then moved to council houses in Aspley and finally Bilborough. Last one on Hanslope Crescent. Looking forward in being part of this nostalgic forom.