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  1. Just found a random picture of the dog and bear pub bridlesmith gate circa 1990, I can see the next door on the left (when stood facing the pub) is the body shop but cannot make out what the shop on the corner is or what it sold...it's now molton brown. And I believe the sign back in the day was brown with a lower case 'n' and above it to the right was a small circle with a lower case m in it. I seem to remember it being some sort of homeware shop? It's driving myself and my manager crazy what the shop used to be!
  2. Thank you everyone for all your replies and taking the time to help me with this topic. I've become very interested in the history of the city and its buildings and architecture ever since I watched 'connie ' on dvd! And hadn't realised how much the city had changed. I also happen to have the luck to work in one of the beautiful buildings managed to survive with only moderate alteration! The old dog and bear pub on bridlesmith gate which is now whittards of Chelsea. Once again thank you everyone. Dan
  3. Can anybody help me please I'm trying to find any pictures or information on park place which was just off park row, my mum grew up there in the 40s and 50s and is keen to find some pics or anything that can take her back in time.