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  1. ormskirk

    Munford Circus, Bells Lane, Notts

    Thank you, for correction lol I typed it wrong it does state Munford on wedding cert, . Thanks also for swift reply , I will look at old maps , and continue to research .
  2. Hi All , first time on this Ancestry Forum , I am trying to find out about my Grandmother Annie Phyllis Bradley born 25th Dec 1894 in Cromwell Notts. She lived in Liverpool around 1917 to 1924 then she disappeared ,she was a single mum , with 3 children but I think she came back to Notts on her own and left her children with her sister ! I always thought she might of died , but no record of death cert. I think I have found her marrying a George Harry Waltham 19th Dec 1925 aged 32 yrs living in Kinglake street then she married James Spencer widower in 1939 25th nov aged 44 yrs she was a widow. She had 3 boys in this marriage . They were living at 1, Munford Circus Bells Lane Notts , he was a Colliery boiler stoker . Does anybody know , if Kinglake Street was near to Munford Circus Bells lane ? Any information would be great , Many thanks in advance , ORMSKIRK djkriss16@btinternet.com
  3. ormskirk

    1925 Kinglake Street

    Yes I stand corrected it was , BEESTON , had a senior moment lol Thank you Cliff Ton for the great photo of Kinglake street ,made up with it Annswaby ....... In answer to your question looking for any info on my Grandmothers 1st Husband George Harry Waltham who she married at Notts reg office on 19th Dec 1925 he was 40yrs she was 32 yrs ,just received the marriage cert. She was called Annie Phyllis Bradley, she used to live in Portland road Notts up till 1911 then was pregnant with my father and moved to Liverpool with the father of the child and remained there till 1924 then she disappeared and the father of her baby married someone else in 1925 as she married George. She went on to marry again , James Spencer in Notts in 1939 and he helped to bring up one of her sons Cyril. It all sounds very complicated to me but i want to prove or disprove that this lady is my Grandmother. Thanks all I am really glad to have joined you all and look forward to reading all the entries, I learn something new each time many thanks
  4. ormskirk

    1925 Kinglake Street

    Thank you FLY2 , fingers crossed ,for any scrap of info . My father was born in Basford in 1912 in a place called The Rylands, ? only found out a couple of years ago as I have always believed all my immediate family were born and breed scousers lol, as I am . Would you believe that my wife and I moved to Lincolshire from Liverpool in 1986 ,only to research that the Jackson family , Grandfather , Great grandfather and all their siblings were born in Grantham and surrounding areas since early 1800,s. Both my Great grandfather and Great grandmother and uncle , and aunts are buried in Grantham cemetery 30mins drive from our house. How spooky is that lol !! Serendipity or what .!! We have now cleaned up the unattended grave and visit from time to time. William Jackson my G.Grandad was a nail maker in 1842 and around 11 children living in a 2 up to down lol. Hope I haven't bored you ,us scousers do go on lol
  5. Hi my name is David and I am doing my family tree. I have just learned that my Grandmother lived in no. 5 Kinglake street notts in 1925, according to her wedding cert. She married a George Harry Waltham in the Register office aged 32 years. He was a Lorry driver at the time of wedding. Her maiden name Annie Phyllis Bradley . I know its a long shot but does anyone have any info , they went on to have 3 sons . Read all your site and it looks fun and very informative , glad to join