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    Days Before The Internet

    I ran the the Outer Limits BBS which ran on an Commodore branded 286 PC using Remote access BBS software under DOS. I even wrote some of the software (doors) on it using C++ thanks to help from Steven Holmes of Fonty Towers BBS getting me started. I even became a co sysop of Fonty Towers for a while. I was good friends with Gary Collins of Maxima even before he started the BBS and i helped. Before he started that we used to play games like Doom/Hexen on direct modem dialup multiplayer half the night before gaming servers where a thing. I gave Jay Severn of Diamond Line my copy of OS/2 to run his BBS on cuz I wasn't using it. Met him with Steve Frank's who went on to start Diamond Wreck BBS.... I remember thinking how amazing Diamond Line BBS was... It was the first one I used. Lots of memories but it was a pretty amazing time before the internet took over thanks to the fact we got free calls... it was the main driving fact for many. Also remember Shaun on this thread, I remember chatting to him on the BBSs. So many great people all out to help each other and just have fun...I followed quite a few ex BBS users from Diamond Cable area to #ircbar2 on internet IRC chat...