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  1. Thanks to Ann Swabey for the crucial link to her Sister I have now found my old school friend. We are meeting up again when I return to the UK later in the year after not seeing each other for 38 years! Result! Thanks again Ann brilliant piece of detective work! Also thank you to everyone else who took the time to give me there ideas.
  2. Ha, ha, ha - so sorry no offence intended! It was just how it was in them days! My bro was a snob too - he got to go to Grammar School, not like the rest of us! Lol
  3. Yes, that sounds about right. Carlton-le-Willows were always seen as the snobby ones!!. Mind you I was the baby one of the family and didn't go to Gedling until after my brother's left. Vic went to Henry Mellish another snob! Anne Maddison was my best mate until she went to Cavvo cowsheds!! then we lost touch too.
  4. Thanks! What a way to be remembered!
  5. Could you be one of the Lowsby's? Michael and Robert? You are very close - No 13! Mrs Bradshaw lived at 15 my adopted Aunty! My brother's being Philip, Richard and Victor. The Shaws (Kevin, Christopher and Timothy) lived next door at No 11!
  6. Don't think so, as I never heard anyone from Bestwood mentioned.
  7. Not sure about that. I can't remember any mention of another Sue Bramley in the family but I could be wrong.
  8. Looking to find my old school mate Sue Bramley. We went to Gedling Secondary Modern in the 70's. She had a Brother called Maurice and think she may have had a Sister called Avril but not too sure. Would love to hear from anyone that knows where she might be now. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Hi - Thank you for letting me join. I was born on Fernleigh Avenue in 1959 and moved to Digby Avenue in the 60's. I went to Westdale Lane School - starting in the Wooden Huts! And then to Gedling Secondary Modern in the 70's. I have 3 brothers - Victor and Richard and Philip Lovejoy. I moved to Plains Road to a flat above Barclay's Bank in 1980 until I moved to Wales in 1987. I have loads of memories of living in the area, some of which I had forgotten until I started reading people's posts.
  10. Hi, you are quite right about the Priestley's. My brother Phil Lovejoy and Richard Priestley were best mates back in the day! You mentioned Lovejoy's Seed Store, Radford Road in another post back in 2012 think you may have been friends with my other brother - Richard Lovejoy? Going back to the original post my first boyfriend worked at Robinson's Nursery on Westdale Lane back in 1976 (the long hot Summer) his name was Steven Holland,