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  1. Hi, it will cost £70 for them to send it or I can go and view it for free. But it's nearly 2 hours away. Not sure what to do tbh. As he may not even on there. Lots of thinking! Thanks guys for help
  2. I know nothing else. It's took 36 years to get this information! I've sent them an email and I'll see what they come back with ! Thank you all so much you've given me a little hope x
  3. Oh I think you have the right one looking at the discription! I'll contact them thank you so much !
  4. About late 50s early 60s now, ah thank you ill have a look now !
  5. Yeah I think that's why I can't seen to find anything. I doubt I'll find him tbh ! Thank you though
  6. No as I've so little to go on that I feel silly and wouldn't know we're to start !
  7. Hi all. This maybe a wild goose chase tbh! I'm looking for a man called Arthur, I have no surname. He was from billbough area. And all I know was that he was interviewed on TV with his girlfriend about a sex shop opening up in the area ( not sure billbough or Nottingham) in 81/82. He may be about mid late 50s early 60s ? He was friends with someone called pauline and she had a son called Kevin. Thank you for reading. I've searched so much on Internet this is my last little ray of hope !