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  1. Adie1412

    Great Grandad George Lee

    I’m really chuffed as visiting the Somme soon to pay my respects and feel a bit more closer now. Thanks again David, means a lot. Adrian
  2. Adie1412

    Great Grandad George Lee

    Hi David that is absolutely fantastic thank you so much. I have been looking for a while for a photo and it’s great to finally see him. I’m so grateful, thank you for sharing and so quick as well. I’m not sure if you are linked to him in any way but I have his service record and happy to share . You have made my day. Thankyou, Adrian
  3. Adie1412

    Great Grandad George Lee

    Hi Jill many thanks for the welcome. Thank you it would be nice to find out a bit more. Ive only recently been told about him as family not the best in passing information down haha but it is fascinating on looking into the past. Many thanks, Adrian
  4. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone would be able to help me in finding out any information on my grandfather a George lee. He was killed on the somme on the 10th October 1916 whilst attacking the Schwaben redoubt with the 16th Sherwood Foresters. I have his service records and CWGC records but not much else. He was married to a Mary Elizabeth (maiden name Yates) and lived at 22 Hornbuckle st in Radford. I have trekked through pages of local newspapers on the hope of getting a photo or article on him or family. If anyone has any info and would like to share i would be very grateful. Also if anyone is looking on information on George lee and ancestry on family i am more than happy to help. Much appreciated, Adrian