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  1. I’ve been told ( by my younger brother) that I need to correct my earlier post regarding the FOX AND GRAPES pub.... known as PRETTY WINDOWS.... it got its name because of the beautiful intricate design of the architecture around the windows! Not a sarcastic reason of having dirty net curtains..... and there was a murder there in 1963.... the landlord was stabbed and they never found who did it!
  2. Hi, I lived on Edale Road across from the infants school late 60s until I was nine. I can remember a few shops along sneinton Dale, Black Cat Newsagents, me and my sister used to play with Susan Shepherd who lived there. I went to school with Wendy Ashurst who lived at the Butchers shop. When I was a bit older I used to walk to Greenwood junior school on Lyndhurst Road where my friend Julie Weston lived! I remember The Lord Nelson pub and in town my Dad’s fave pub was pretty windows ( so called as it had filthy nets lol) we used to buy hot peas in a carton from the fish market.... I could