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  1. Yes I started on 1st day of term in Sept 1959. I was in Form 1F and in Schweitzer House. I travelled to Arnold from Toton, near Beeston. The girls travelled upstairs on a double decker bus with an open platform to get on and off by. Freezing in winter. Later on we travelled in a Skills coach, which was much more comfortable. Only just found this site and will tell my good friend (from school almost 60 years ago) about it. We travelled to school together. My name then was Cynthia Tuxford, and my friend's Janet Redfern. Would love to catch up with old schoolmates. Kindes reg
  2. Hi. I went to the high school in years 1959 to 1964. Is there anyone out there that went to this school during those years? My name then was Cynthia Tuxford and I was one of the first 1st years to attend, based in Schweizer House. I would love to know if there is going to be any meet up to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the school's opening in September 1959. I was devastated to learn from posts that it had been demolished as I have very fond memories of my time there. thanks. Cynthia Evans (Mrs)