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  1. I am finishing my writing for a history board on the topic of Porchester Gardens and a second on Haywood road Nursery.. I have enjoyed reading about Mapperley Tea Rooms and Robinson's Nursery on Westdale Lane. If I may I'm going to use the map of Haywood with nursery marked as an image. Cliff Ton can I ask how you get o see the map, is it online? I would like to check if any other nurseries are marked in the 40s or 50s. Thanks again all.
  2. This is all really wonderful. So interesting to see the map, I wonder if the 'ruin' was one of the Victorian sheds that still survive in a few gardens. St Anne's allotments have had lottery funding to restore some. Great to know there were still some nurseries clinging on as remnants of the 800 allotment gardens of the freehold estate. T Thankyou
  3. Hi I'm a newbie. I live in Porchester Gardens and am researching the history of the plant nursery run by the Doubleday family on Haywood Road. After a community campaign this parcel of land will soon become our local park! Mr Doubleday was very wealthy at the time of his death but had no heirs so left properties across Nottingham and possessions to friends and donated the Haywood Road land to local church and charities. I believe in the 40s and 50s there were still a couple of plant nurseries in this area (I vaguely remember seeing an advert in a pamphlet for Mapperley Top a year or so ago)?