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  1. Hi Tony.


    I have been told you might just remember a little about BEL amps. I am researching them. Please email me when you have a moment.

    Best regards....Keith Belcher

  2. Only just spotted your reply sorry Mess. Yes please. Regards...Keith
  3. Phillip Gratton. Do you have an photographs of the factory or amps or gear or anything you can share? Regards...Keith
  4. HSR, I think you are refering to the Selmer Thunderbird amp with the green "Magic Eye" on the front:
  5. Thats great Eastwellian. Any more information from your memory banks would be great. Here is a grainy picture from the report about the 1965 Music Equipment Show. I assume the small boxes are the PA amps:
  6. 1 Some of your home Nottingham groups using BEL amps in the 1960's: The Hound Dogs rehearsing at the Canteen at the factory Carles Fables Union Blues Volume 4
  7. Thanks for your interest in my search. As I say any help or pointers will be followed up. I beleive the amps were made in 1964 at Bendis Electronics Ltd, High Church Street, Baseford, Nottingham. Here are a couple of pictures:
  8. Hi there, I am researching BEL guitar amplifiers which were made at the Bendix factory in around 1964/5. Very little is known about them. I am looking to find people who worked on them, any pictures that you may have. Anything would be helpful. Even contacts you may know who are not on the web. Thanks for looking Keith