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This is my first post on the forum. I am trying to trace relatives of Fanny (Frances) Hambleton born Smithurst who was born 1843/44. Her first marriage was to Francis Hambleton and I am a decendent of her second marriage to a Frenchman called Oscar Cadet born 1842/43. Her father was Joseph Smithurst who in 1881 possible lived at 16 Peverill St, Nottingham - Does any one know this area? I have found Fanny married to Francis in 1881 in Fairfield, Derbyshire and that says she was born in Matlock. Fanny married Oscar on19/1/1884 in Radford, Nottingham again does anyone know this area?

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Welcome to the message board Rocco .

Most on here will know of Peveril Street in Nottingham and there are plenty that know Radford . If you know any street names I'm sure someone will find a photograph or a map . Good luck !

Edit : Theres one story in the news archive where your Oscar got bashed , looks like it was near Denman Street :

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Ermmmm......Haven't had chance to study it properly but something is not quite right about that first marriage .

If this info is correct Francis Hambleton living at that address for over 20 years was married to a Frances Wall not Fanny Smithurst .

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I must admit I made an assumption that it was the Frances (Fanny) Hambleton on the 1881 census that I was lookng for. I have her marriage certificate to Oscar so I know that her father's name is correct and she was named Hambleton and a widow when she married. Back to the drawing board then.

Unfortunately I don't have any credits left on Find my past to look at the article about Oscar.

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It is a bit of a mystery .

I can't see any Smithurst / Hambleton marriage on Freebmd for her first marriage . Were there any children from the first marriage ?

Here is a bit more I gleaned on a free search from the news archives on Oscar Cadet

Oscar Cadet, Frenchman, Tuesday, the 3rd June. Mr. Norman appeared for Tillson and .Mc-Loughlin, and Mr ? for Jifford ?.
About 11 o'clock at night the complainant was in Denman-street, near his own house, and the defendants were a short distance
away. Jifford.....struck by Tillson, and kicked by McLoughlin. When he got up he found that his jaw was broken. the Saturday
following his face was dressed at the Hospital, and he was still under treatment. evidence was given, and for the defence
witnesses were called to prove.....
Nottingham Evening Post
East Midlands, England
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Plenty of pictures here of Denman Street , keep on clicking next image for more photos .;EQUALS;NTGM019423&pos=1&action=zoom&id=100074

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