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  1. Dad returned from the far east in 1946 and I am not sure where myself and brother Harold were staying at this time ( Mum had T.B. and was in Newstead Abbey )but we were given a brand new house, 22 Hillbeck crescent, Wollaton, but Mum was trapped upstairs until Dad came home from work and carried her downstairs for the evening and so we did a swop for a prefab in Bilborough.
  2. My Mum caught TB in there after being sent to recuperate after my Gran nursed her through a possible anthrax contamination, her 13 friends were not so lucky at that time the all died at the time. Mum died in 1951 when I was 8.
  3. Hi, just seen your maps page and have been looking for ages to find a map showing Wright street off Bluebell hill and Chapel street off Ilkeston road, could you please advise me of where I could get a copy. I lived at these addresses while awaiting my father’s return from the far east in 1946 and would dearly love to show my family where this was. Best regards A.G.Smith(cimerron)
  4. Hi, I am Tony Smith and used to live at 6 Moval rd. I went through Glenbrook to Glaisdale and left in 1958. I am looking for Colin Fox and Malcom Wheatley and Kenny Budd. I spent my first ten months after leaving school on an unbound apprenticeship in the garage at Raleigh before joining the Royal Air force and served until 1970.