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  1. I believe it was 1985. Just before I moved there.
  2. Bit late replying sorry, but yes, Dawn's brother.
  3. I've got a black and gold parlophone Temperance 7 album, does that count! :-)
  4. My 150+ Beatles and related 7"s might be classed as modest, but I hear you've been tempted into the world of collecting all the apple stuff. Far from modest if you've got all that stuff too! We're you tempted to put in a bid for that King of Fuh single that turned up on ebay recently?
  5. Hang on a min, I've just looked at your profile. Your DOB is closer to Tony's. And you're a Beatles fan, could you be Chris? he of the huge Beatles collection?
  6. Hmmm, I'll take a guess at Stuart Nock? Am I right? Enlighten me!
  7. Thanks Ian. Having pondered upon your Costello comparison I can only think of "The other side of summer" which has a similar call and response style ;-)
  8. Full marks for railway AND rickenbacker knowledge! Although it's actually a 330/12 Truth be told, although the rickie is my usual guitar of choice, the guitar you hear on this track is a Gibson Les Paul. Glad you like the tune thanks, and you Mick ;-)
  9. Inspired by some of the railway chats I've had in here I've used an old notts picture for the sleeve of my bands new album and as the backdrop in the video for the single. Se if any of you clever dicks recognise the landmarks.
  10. Some you tube footage of The Fab 4 who opened the 60's flavoured day. ;-)
  11. Also played on more hits that The Stones/Beatles etc combined: The Wrecking Crew: The LA studio musicians , core members included Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon - Drums, Ray Pohlman, Carol Kaye, Lyle Ritz - Bass, Don Randi, Larry Knetchel (just died) keys, Al Kasey, Barney Kessel, Glen Campbell - Guitars many more. Hits they played on: You've lost that loving feeling, unchained melody California girls, help me rhonda, good vibrations etc Bang Bang, I got You babe... Something Stupid, Strangers In the Night.. Mr Tambourine Man California Dreamin, Monday Monday Witchita Lineman Be My Bab
  12. It's no different. I think a lot of the GCR structure in Nottm should have been saved too. e.g. The bridge over midland station, bridge over trent at wilford. Both would have been of great value to the new tram system. Also The Bulwell viaduct. Mainly because I thought it was beautiful! :-)
  13. It goes from nowhere to nowhere because of the Leicester council. It was part of the GCR bike and foot path that allowed people to com into the centre from the south without going near a road. But the path was diverted in the over 10 years ago because of another redevelopment.
  14. I heard online that GCR would be up for taking the some bits of the bridge if they could rais the money to shift it.