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  1. Beefsteak - "The Big 'Un" is Colin Gunn - now incarcerated (hopefully) for the rest of his life.
  2. (to Bip) How the bloody hell could it be a scam????...............Oh, I get it - your mum forgot to claim the "divi" 30 years ago - now I've got her number I can claim it for myself! (or steal her identity!).....For God's sake!
  3. Lived at no.5 (or 7?) Beauvale Crescent Hucknall till mid-sixties. He was my best mate but we fell out over some stupidity (probably my fault!)
  4. Ask Bob if he remembers the Corona lads who used to go in the Elbow every morning! (1967 onwards) I remember one Saturday morning John Badcock the Manager stormed in at about 10.30 and gave us all a bollocking!
  5. Here's some more nostalgia for you!