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  1. Reference The Crescent, it was Nippers Reads sister who was landlady
  2. Navigation Meadow Lane now re-opened real ales etc
  3. Three Bridges, The Meadows no a pile of rubbish, wont be missed drugs, guns etc
  4. As below, he was a centre half along woth John Sheriden and Gerry Carver in midfield.On Lincoln City F.C web site there is a video clip from Graham Taylor in 2006 whu said he was then suffering with Alzheimers.
  5. Just found ou that Bert Loxley died yesterday aged 74 yrs , yet another great player for Notts bet 1954 and 1963 also a trainer at Lincoln City good tribute on Lincoln City FC site and video by Graham Taylor
  6. RIP Sir Jimmy I have been supporting Notts for some 50 years man and boy. He was the greatest manager we had and will have , got the best out of all his players .He was always prepared to talk to you (if you understood him was a different matter) and sign autographs even the last match he attended at Meadow Lane. He was always down the Lane when his health didnt stop him. I do and still believe that the Main Burton Joyce Road should be named Jimmy Sirrel Way or Road, people will moan about this but it is better than any road named after a coucillor who we have never heard of. Also Brian C
  7. They just knocked on the door one day and went from there
  8. A scene from Boon was filmed at my house in the Meadows, Mick might remember he used to live on same street , it consisted of Boon coming up the side of the house enetering the garden and talking to the female of the house with her young child, they took the shot that many times altogether, separate and one point a line was to the young girl saying 'this is Ken', to this replied ''Mummy you have already told me that'',the young girl was the acutual daughter og the actress. Another scene was two heavies coming to the front door wanting find out where character played by Tim Healey was, they ke
  9. Went in the other week one of the brothers still runs it, still very good
  10. The school on Holgate Road has now been demolished in the last couple of weeks
  11. The Norfolk Pub junction London Road and Crocus Street, Meadows is now flat
  12. Done a system restore still not got rid of it
  13. Yes this was The Sherbrook , used to be one of the very best pint of Bass in the country, then ran by Fred Randall and his wife Mavis, they retired she has since died he lives in Blackpool, before it was altered the large best room had Tory supporters one side and labour the other, several ex Lord Mayors frequented it,especially Roland Green and there was many an argument. when Fred left it just went to pot and finally closed.