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  1. I remember both families, Barry Wesley lived on Darnhall and I worked with Phil Chambers at Lindley & Lindley on Bobbers Mill, he was a lorry driver there.
  2. Hi Benjamin, I went to Glaisdale early/mid 60s and a lad in our class lived in the Farrands house and I know he had a elder brother, the surname though was Schofield, sons name was Graham.
  3. Makes me laugh that place, they turn it into an indian and its biggest signage on the building still says poachers tavern, it will never work when the locals can get chips beans and spam from the local Heron store for 11p. !cheers!
  4. 7 0'clock razor blades in green paper packets, only dad was allowed to touch em. Big bottles of pop with large black screw caps the size of spinning tops, they were like a bakelite material with a big fat red rubber band for the seal, and those with a type of porcelain stopper with a tension spring to seal it up. Men who looked like they wore mascara but theyd just done a shift down pit. Spud guns when every kid nicked mams tatoes, cap guns, I once put six in at once and it split the gun! or just hit the caps with an hammer, plastic rockets that also held caps that you threw in the air or a
  5. I didnt grow up in that area so no I dont know those names, my Daughter lives at the end of the estate in the last house next to the railway line, I remember that I was always diverted during filming when I went over.
  6. In that case it was on the Firbeck Estate, the row of shops are still there, not that you can call them shops these days, the BBC own one of the shops, Woof the childrens series was filmed there as was 'A thing called love' starring Paul Nicholls.
  7. There used to be a beer off facing the co-op on Cockington that had one of the best deli counters in Nottingham, they sliced huge hams and other fresh meats, maybe it was that, I dont know if such a shop existed over on Firbeck but you could ask bip about that.
  8. The pair of them have joined Bradford... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ity/7525062.stm
  9. I think carni is talking about Colwick Pleasure Park, I remember we used to go there on a boat from the embankment steps, not much there really, I can remember some of those boat swings and thats about it.
  10. Oh yes, you reminded me Mick, running to the bridge on Old Coach Road to catch the steam in our faces when the trains passed.
  11. The stench that drifted toward the west of Nottingham when Stanton iron works were damping down the ashes. The smell of a Sunday roast from almost every house while we played, sadly lacking in most homes these days.
  12. But I bet you knew a kid with a purple painted head? Iodine or something, what was that all about??
  13. Nowt wrong we tripe n onions, had it all me life, mashed spuds and a lovely creamy sauce doused in lashings of brown sauce, cow eel aint bad too. if yer want brought up on that stuff you aint a true Nottingham lad.
  14. Its time they employed staff who can spell or at least research the local area. On Saturday I read River Lean twice in the same article. In another article they stated Stansfield Road (Street) Radford.
  15. Condolences to Ann's family. May you find eternal rest Ann. Sleep Peacefully.