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  1. Bip

    Ever had one of those days?

    Have they all been pinched? That area has a reputation for ATMs going missing, that last remark has no foundation to it, I was just assuming. Must admit it is a bit rough about those parts, well it was when I last drove through, lucky to escape without my wheels going missing while waiting for traffic lights changing, come to thinking of it the amber light never lite maybe the bulb had disappeared too….. We here in damp Sawley by the river Trent and Derwent have only just got an ATM replaced in our local rip off CO-Op, the Co-Op on Draycote road, a gang of thieves took a fancy to it and from what I had read several others up and down the country too. The replacement only happened when a sign patron from residents was forwarded to whomever it was who sorts these things out. The delay I reckon was caused by the fear of it being fork lifted out once again by the same people, the thieves I believe are now behind bars. The cardboard cut out of the seven-foot copper in day glow jacket just inside of entrance never got touched thank god, fat lot of use he was……. Bip out here enjoying what little freedom he has left.
  2. Bip

    Latest Posts

    BUMP.......I thought i would bump this thread as i thought it quite apropriate in the climate I find myself in. Bip.
  3. Bip


    Will that mean Pete you won’t have as much time as you do now to be on here? Maybe the allotment has Wi-Fi as well has running water, that would be nice. Bip.
  4. Bip

    The Manor @Toton

    What surprises me the most Craig is punters keep on going back for more. The food prices keep on going down but the beer prices keep going up obviously to counteract or to offset the price of a meal. Not been in there lately in fact for several years but when I did last go in, the food was excellent. If I was faced with a beer price of what you say it is I would forgo the drink and have the meal and if I was really pissed off by the price I would make my feeling known and walk out, after all there’s plenty of places to choose from these days… Last night in Basford Hall I paid two squid a pint, that was for Worthington smooth, I know not the greatest of beers but better than what was on offer on the pump next door to it…Green King IPA…. Maybe they get a lot of passing trade from the bus stop just outside. Bip.
  5. Bip

    christmas memories

    There were no Christmas’s in our house; maybe that explains why I’m so sick and twisted. Joking apart I remember very little of my Christmas’s apart from the pillowcase at bottom of bed filled to overflowing with nowt I really wanted apart from sugar pig at bottom. There are several I do remember thou, one is when I got an electric train set, a blue and yellow Diesel with several carriages, the track was a loop so basically it didn’t go very far, that soon was discarded with all the other rubbish I got… Bip.
  6. Bip


    And why do you think he's shut up? He's sitting in his electric high chair with hot mug of Cocoa at side laughing his little woollen soaks off at everybody’s bickering, just the reaction he hoped for… Bip.
  7. Bip


    Yes mate i shall Bip.
  8. Obviously so Pete and its fun too. There’s a lot of work being done by the environmental agency right at this moment to safe guard my Bungalow from getting wet by a tidal wave caused by a riverbank collapse on the Derwent river. The last time the Derwent burst its banks was last year, the whole of the farmer’s field about me were under water, I couldn’t even take Diezel out to his usual sniff and smell spot. The Bungalow I’m in is built above the last know high tide, there’s at least a four foot gap between ground level and the floor boards, which makes for easy access if central heating pipes burst…. Bip.
  9. Bip

    Sci-Fi Serials

    Sorry but is the Prisoner maybe fiction but i doubt it was Sci-Fi or did I miss the episode where the space ship landed and took off again, mind you i wouldn't blame it taking off again has anyone walked along the beach at Port Merion like I and Diezel have? I enjoy Voyager and still do, am at moment catching the new series where at the end they get back to earth. Farscape is another Sci-Fi series I enjoyed. Bip.
  10. Bip

    Can anyone lend me a bucket?

    Didn’t one allow slack in the boats mooring ropes? Bip.
  11. Bip

    Pub lunch...

    Those last two places you recommend Red aren’t near Redhill or Arnold so I don’t think they will serve Rob 666 for a cheap hearty but satisfying meal out. My recommendation of the Burntstump is looking the favourite at the present. But if Rob 666 is ever over this end of the city I can recommend the White house on Tamworth road, it’s rather a posh looking place but don’t let the palatial exterior or interior put one off, their meals are excellent and they do have a special menu for certain days of the week …example two courses for ten squid, you would be surprise how many pensioners gather in its cloisters with there crumpled ten squid in sticky damp hands……. The Harrington arms are more or less next-door but I wouldn’t recommend that place. The head Honcho and I ventured there one damp evening only because he was feeling lonely for being left in the house on his own by his live in partner, he had the stew which he said was fantastic, I settled for the chicken which I found disappointing, not been there since, besides the beer is crap, green king you see. Bip.
  12. Bip


    Nicely put john I can’t agree more, it’s about time some of you stopped reading my posts in my blog section if my daily diatribe happens to offend, it goes without saying that certain members grow a thicker skin if you do, or just act like an ADULT. Contrary to popular belief I do have fans and have been encouraged by them to keep on posting even though at times I wonder why I bother. I did have the power to delete posts or unapproved them if I thought they were just there to get a reaction from me, I resisted that temptation. I left one of those degusting posts to show members what a certain member was saying about me, I could have deleted it, moved it, or just unapproved it, but no I left it to show how cruel one person can be to another and to prove a point, he is now banned. I was dragged over the coals for leaving it in place by the head honcho. I was then accused of not doing my job, , also I was blamed for not moving a post before another Moderator did, it was posted in my blog section, I never saw the offending post until it had been moved into the private section. I understand that everyone has an opinion, it also follows that everyone is allowed to express it in any form they wish but there are rules about how one goes about expressing them on here. While an Administrator I have adhered to those rules. I have never referred to anyone on here by their name, all the moans that have come my way have come from members who have assumed I was writing about them. My blog is titled “Bips life and personal thoughts…is there a need for me to underline THOUGHTS? Regarding the image of this site….I shouldn’t think its got an image any different to any other site that deals with the past and present. Regarding people being put off by the bickering. Stats show that my blog has been hit 40.949 times since I started on the 12th November 2007 one wonders how many of those people still come back to read it and while here read other topics and posts, they may not become members but I bit they are more regular on here than you or me is. And I wonder how many of those people tell their friends about this site and how many of them tell their friends, the chain never ends. So I reckon I’ve shot that argument down in flames…. John mate I don’t like you when you get angry, don’t you have a well to dig or several 100 acres to plough mate… Bip.
  13. Bip


    Bedded within that post of mine was some factulal meterial if one cares to re-read it again. Disabled car park is very close to main entrance. Main car park was when i was there pot holed and very muddy hence the reason i used the disabled Dogs aren't allowed in the place and I did see a zimmer frame inside of main entrance, can you prove me wrong? There we go again I'm being hounded for something i have flowered up slightley. Sorry if it came across as if i was having ago at the previous poster my intentions where honerable. In my posts i try disperatley to colour up so they don't sound bland and boring like some i read on here. While you are having a moan at me why aren't you having a go at Rob237 for saying my face looks as if one is seeing it mirrored in the back of a spoon, also i had to take Diezel to the vets today to have him calmed down after i had accidentaly read Robs reply out loud...hope you realise that last comment was a joke mate... Bip.
  14. Bip

    Brantano shoe shop

    That’s another who agrees with the General saying of “you get what one pays for. But in your case you must have got a duff pair, one most likely distained for the American market, were they both right footed? Only ask because the yanks drive on the right. The “Hush Puppies” I have, even after six months of ware don’t show any amount or tire ware…. still good tread. I believe once we here in sunny Nottingham had one of those shops down were the Lenton industrial estate is, the last time I passed that way it had gone, there is a Carpet shop there now I believe. Maybe the whole shop from Nottingham got re-sited [moved] to where you bought those shoes from and took all their duff stock with them..just a thought. I have seen old shoes used as planters, now that's an idea! Bip.