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  1. hippo girl

    All Kinds of Everything.

    Spot on Ian .......once spent an xmas day in there with a certain DJ .....when it closed the party continued on magdala road with a couple of guys from hot chocolate .......funny what you remember ?
  2. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    Great article Dj360 ........still go to the boat clubs now , sadly no alternative bands more " grab a granny 60s stuff "
  3. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    Will do ......he has dogs of his own ....my grands are terrified of him, think he is a hobo !!!!!
  4. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    Still chat to Robert Plant about his boat club days
  5. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    I loved all the boat clubs.....the bands that appeared were iconic ..... Some of them are still rockin today ....total respect
  6. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    I totally agree Fly .....the dungeon club started my musical journey, the beachcomber and boat clubs gave me the confidence to explore different genres..... I will always be grateful for that period of my life as today I still work and enjoy what the music industry has to offer
  7. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    Me too Lizzie .....as you know I have documented the dungeon club days along with most of the Nottingham clubs and my research led me to nottstalgia .....we now are involved with the reunion group which has brought so many of us together again .....I was there on the night of the raid but I think that was my last visit as the beachcomber and boat clubs became more current
  8. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    Of course Ben .....will let you know when filming takes place
  9. hippo girl

    raid on the dungeon club

    The infamous dungeon club raid should be made into a film .........
  10. hippo girl

    more tales from the late 60's early 7o's

    Just interviewed Pete Groves who owned sandpipers .......amazing tales how the club went from a posh guys bistro in 1974 to,an iconic punk club ......
  11. Hope you all well and behaving yourselves .....TBF I get updates from Lizzie and nothing escapes me !!!!
  12. OMG Lizzie .....you should post a more recent one of us when we weren't as fit and had a glass of wine in our hands !!!! Last week was it ?
  13. hippo girl

    birdcage boutique bridlesmith gate

    Birdcage ended its life in Hockley .....
  14. hippo girl

    Pedigree of Pop

    Vince Eager......backed by the Memphis tones ( who are no other than Tristram shandy !!! )
  15. hippo girl

    Pedigree of Pop

    Now we are on a roll RR , what about the legendary Harry Stephenson......?