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  1. birdcage boutique bridlesmith gate

    Birdcage ended its life in Hockley .....
  2. Pedigree of Pop

    Vince Eager......backed by the Memphis tones ( who are no other than Tristram shandy !!! )
  3. Pedigree of Pop

    Now we are on a roll RR , what about the legendary Harry Stephenson......?
  4. Pedigree of Pop

    London grammar one of my iPod bands......technically not from Nottingham but as Ian said they were students here, two of them in the same halls of residence on main campus ......come to think of it hasn't Chulls seen them walking up st James street scantily clad !!???? Not a musician but a brilliant radio 1 DJ Alice Levine , chilwell girl with I think , a tram named after her
  5. Pedigree of Pop

    Morning Ian tristram shandy .....still going and what a pedigree those guys have .... dawn trader.....the best Nottingham band of the late 70s 80s tindersticks ......the 90s ....alternative rock, love these guys more recently .... saint Raymond aka Callum Burrows from Bramcote ....indie Philip George from chilwell, number 1 in the charts 3 years ago " wish you were mine " the dog is dead from west bridgford , Harleigh blu, Natalie Duncan, the Swines, Kagoule ...... stop me now I could wax lyrical about the talent from Nottingham ,especially today when the audiences are a variety of ages, persuasions and knowledge ....
  6. How's your day?

    Looking forward to a night out with you two.......!!!!!!!!! Xx
  7. How's your day?

    hope you feeling better Lizzie, too much Merlot on Mansfield road, stick to lattes in Deliliah !!!!LOL of course until we get together in that undisclosed location at the end of each month , when you need a few Merlots to keep pace with the music and the people
  8. Nottingham Blue Plaques

    Jean Taylor is a friend of mine .......she writes beautifully about her home town
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    He was in the Newmarket last eve.....didn't look well
  10. For the mature members if you have grown up children

    Missed all that when the family left home ......probably the hippie in me , loved a house full for breakfast !!!!
  11. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    Thanks Sue xx
  12. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    Lovely to be able to post
  13. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    I'm back on guys !!! thanks Lizzie and thank you all for the messages happy new year , hope to see you soon xx
  14. Hotel on the ropewalk

    Yes Lizzie , waltons on derby road .....years ago it was called the north lodge Think mum has got it wrong !!!!!
  15. Hotel on the ropewalk

    Thanks for reply TBI....harts hotel opened 12 or so years ago, this one my mum is talking about was nearer Derby road and maybe the 80s or 90 s......my argument was I can never recall a hotel actually on the Ropewalk !!!!