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  1. For the mature members if you have grown up children

    Missed all that when the family left home ......probably the hippie in me , loved a house full for breakfast !!!!
  2. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    Thanks Sue xx
  3. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    Lovely to be able to post
  4. Happy Birthday HippoGirl

    I'm back on guys !!! thanks Lizzie and thank you all for the messages happy new year , hope to see you soon xx
  5. Hotel on the ropewalk

    Yes Lizzie , waltons on derby road .....years ago it was called the north lodge Think mum has got it wrong !!!!!
  6. Hotel on the ropewalk

    Thanks for reply TBI....harts hotel opened 12 or so years ago, this one my mum is talking about was nearer Derby road and maybe the 80s or 90 s......my argument was I can never recall a hotel actually on the Ropewalk !!!!
  7. Hotel on the ropewalk

    Having a discussion with my mum today on whether there was a small hotel on the Ropewalk some 20 years ago. I have no memory of this but she thinks there was a boutique type hotel . Does anyone know ?
  8. As a teacher it was difficult to not associate a name with a certain pupil .... Guys of my generation certainly were all true to their names Rogers......Dodgers, characters , intelligent Daves......laid back. Smooth talking, spiritual Trevs....... Wide boys, naughty, fun Micks..........usually Irish , argumentative, flashy Tonys...... Good dancers, scooter owners, neat Steves......good manners, music lovers, boy next door Grahams.....conservative , loyal , steady Pauls....kind , aspirational, appreciative. Nigels.....conceited, ambitious, players Andrews.... Sporty, charming, affectionate Peters.....talkers, organisers, drinkers Timothys.....thinkers , musicians, free spirits. Keiths......reliable. Kind. Thoughtful Alans..... Noisey, lively, flirty Brians.....loud, sociable, generous Johns .......creative, attentative, sensible Richards.......sporty, confident , car lovers etc etc etc....no offence intended to any Nottstalgian
  9. There is a cold virus doing the rounds Col that finishes and restarts....fever, sore ears , eyes , runny nose .....if it was flu or pneumonia , you wouldn't feel like posting on here or having a bath Be patient, go steady but keep active .......
  10. Online users

    Someone's been watching strictly come dancing !!!!
  11. summut serious

    Great news Chulls and Carni, Best wishes to you both xx
  12. Arnold County High School

    Has Linda quoted my post about Sara ?
  13. The Dungeon Club

    Brilliant afternoon / eve in the Bell with fellow nottstalgians and characters from my misspent youth , for the dungeon reunion .... We all started our musical journey in that basement in Stanford street Nottingham and have kept alive the individuality and freedom those times afforded us ....... So back to the question " did you know Stu Morris " well we did and on Friday he was there for us all to say we do !!!!!!
  14. Moz gig on Saturday

    I think my mates Tristram shandy back his famous dad !!????? They call themselves the Memphis tones and his dads stage name is Vince ?.......
  15. Bonfire Night

    They shouldn't sell them at any time !!!!