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  1. No sorry, Socram, although in the 26th Arnold BB from 1958 to 1966 I never had the privilege of working at AB Gibsons. Whilst in the BB I worked at W J Furse, Traffic Street, Nottingham.
  2. Hi Hippo Girl - I frequented the Hippo in the 60s and my Arnold pal, Big Dave (Dave Fell) was 'on the door'. Sadly, Dave passed away some years ago after managing one or two pubs in the Nottm. area. The Hippo was also the place where I met my wife to be in November 1968. On that night everyone stood around on the dance floor listening to a magical, live rendition of the hit 'Light My Fire' (complete with acoustic guitar). Would it have been Jose Feliciano? I remember you could buy a steak sandwich there which cost 2s/6p (12.5p). Fair bit of money then but they were delicious after you'd spent
  3. Hobson's of my all time favourite filums! Brilliant performance from Charles Laughton
  4. Yes, Liz, I'd forgotten about about the fields being called 'Wollater' (however it's spelt!). And the concrete pipes, there were 2. One that went under Coppice Road and was quite large, straight and short....easy-peasy! But the other that went from the 'Plantation' end (why did we call it that?) under Bonnington Drive was smaller in diameter and, after a few feet, had a bend in it, eventually running into Brookfield House gardens. Never went the full length of that one!
  5. President Mugabe was actually a Yorkshireman.....say his name in reverse - E-BA-GUM!
  6. What's all this talk about buying men's underwear? I bought a pair of second hand u/pants 20 years ago and they're still going strong! Wash 'em once a week, though, whether they need it or not. One day they'll be passed on to my lad.
  7. I was going to mention that we had 2 Hurst families on Nursery Rd but assumed, wrongly, that you would know the one I mentioned since I'm sure he went to C-le-W. However, I knew the other Hursts with the elder one also being John and he had a younger brother and sister. We lived at No 19 and the Hursts would have been No 24. If your friend was the sister she would more likely remember my younger sisters - Shirley, Linda and Julie Fox.
  8. Liz - Before Rollo became a through road the Coppice Rd end was called Kiddier and had the prefabs on one side and council houses on the other. In the very last council house lived the Goulds (John Gould being a Boys Brigade friend of mine). On Nursery Road lived John Hurst, a friend of mine in our younger days. John was in our class at Kingswell but because his birthday was after Aug/Sept he had to stay on another year in the 'top class' at Kingswell whilst we all moved on to secondary schools. John later went on to Carlton-le-Willows. For whatever reason we called the Brookfield Rd
  9. I know your comment was 10 years ago but you seem to remember that part of Arna as well as I do, Popo. We lived on Nursery Rd and so played more at the Bonnington Drive end of what we called 'The Dyke' venturing up to where the stream went under Coppice Rd. In summer months some older youths would dam the stream to form a swimming pool. What wonderful memories of those innocent, carefree years! Little did we know what lay ahead!
  10. Liz - the area you and Phil talk about (now Greendale) we used to call Joners (Jonahs?) In the 50s a lot of the land seemed to be abandoned allotments which we assumed were 'free orchards' and regularly helped ourselves (oursens?) to the fruit. aka - scrumping! We'd play in the aforementioned stream but were more interested in the trains and rail tracks. We'd put old pennies on the track to let the trains go over them and see how flat they went! Incidentally, Liz, originally Rolleston Drive (Rollo) was not a through road to Coppice Rd but was Rollo at Gego Rd end and Kiddier Ave (?) at Co
  11. Spike - in my Arnold boyhood days (1950s) we used to play in a stream that was, for some reason, called 'the dyke' and 'swimming' in there, among other things, were 'toe-bitters. I believe this stream was the Daybook, or a tributary of it. It sourced up near what is now Howbeck Road, ran under Coppice Rd., parallel with Bentwell Ave, under Bonnington Drive and eventually into the pond on Arnot Hill Park. We would spend hours playing in the area between Bonnington Drive and Coppice Rd! Before the development of the John Lewis building on Brookfield Rd and all the housing estates, we could walk
  12. Again(!) listening to and watching the video of 'Everly Brothers Reunion Concert' - Albert Hall, September 1983 (I wuz there!)
  13. Little Miss Dynamite.....Brenda Lee.......1960.....on the Brunswick label
  14. Young Benjamin - hope your daily fix of GC includes "These Days & "A Better Place"......I think they both epitomise the feelings of one or two of us here on Nottstagia. Does a good version of Green Day's "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)"
  15. Reading an old forum about old Nottingham sayings, that eventually got onto 'Notts or Forest' banter, Beefsteak's comment reminded me of a Forest v. Notts game (old First Division and well before the Cloughie era). I was with my Dad and we always stood ('stood'...remember those days?) in the same spot and were familiar with other Reds fans in the same patch. There were 2 unfamiliar figures there, that night, but we didn't take much notice as they were very quite.....until Notts scored! They clapped politely and said 'Good goal!' Then Notts scored a second goal and they opened their overcoats t