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  1. Young Benjamin - hope your daily fix of GC includes "These Days & "A Better Place"......I think they both epitomise the feelings of one or two of us here on Nottstagia. Does a good version of Green Day's "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)"
  2. Reading an old forum about old Nottingham sayings, that eventually got onto 'Notts or Forest' banter, Beefsteak's comment reminded me of a Forest v. Notts game (old First Division and well before the Cloughie era). I was with my Dad and we always stood ('stood'...remember those days?) in the same spot and were familiar with other Reds fans in the same patch. There were 2 unfamiliar figures there, that night, but we didn't take much notice as they were very quite.....until Notts scored! They clapped politely and said 'Good goal!' Then Notts scored a second goal and they opened their overcoats t
  3. I knew an avid Liverpool supporter, from Scouseland, who regularly boasted of how they would get into games without tickets. As Alpha said, blame lay with more than the police but, I believe, the poor souls that did perish were innocent victims who had been in the ground well before KO and were at the front near the wire fence. Sad day in football history. And don't forget, Liverpool have history...Heysel? When I read the first comment that it was 32 years ago, I thought 'what! where do the years go!'
  4. Jennifer Warnes - 'Famous Blue Raincoat' Album (Leonard Cohen songs) What a voice!
  5. I never knew you could get fish and chips at Skeggy! Yull be tellin us next they've got donkeys there.
  6. I get all my gear from Jeff's down Hockley!
  7. That's jogged my memory, Lizzie, something I'd long forgotten. I believe it was Mrs Pearson lived in The Park and we went to service a lift she had there (1962?). There would be a connection as our company, W J Furse, had lots of 'masonic' connections within Nottingham. When we'd finished she gave us a cup of tea and a sandwich.
  8. I'll be popping into the Dog & Bear for a couple of Worthingtons, then across the road into The Fountain for a Home Brewery bitter and that'll do me! Doubt there'll be any queuing.
  9. Bobby was greatly underrated in early years regarded as just a pretty pop singer with some good records out but he was a very talented musician and, by all accounts, a very humble human being. Died far too young with Alzheimer's but had still managed some videos with the early stages of it. Also see You Tube for Buddy Holly melody live! Great Guy!
  10. Steady on there, Brew! BC was a legend and the man that kick started 'Rock 'n Roll'. Elvis adored him and his Sunday radio show. Billy Cotton...Rita Williams and the Bandits....Alan Breeze...where are they now? They kicked down doors so that Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Tiny Tim etc could march through and into our lives!
  11. Great story about someone not recognising Linda R!...probably the greatest female singer in the past 60 years. Very sad that illness curtailed her career.
  12. Mastermind "And Benjamin, your specialised subject, 'Marsden's Meat Counter'"