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  1. For us it was the Metropole, Mansfield Road, Sherwood. 1d e/w on the bus from Arnold, a tanner to go in and 3d for tuffies! You were handed a picture card as you went in with the aim to collect the set. We also had various tin badges pinned on our lapels...can't remember how we were awarded them Another highlight was going up on the stage when it was your birthday and shouting down the microphone "Thank you, Minors"! Oh yes, singing the club song..."We are the boys and girls well known as, Minors of the ABC....etc, etc"! I seem to remember, on occasions, we also went to a kids showing at Arnold Bonnington on Saturday afternoons Happy Days, eh?
  2. Hi Liz - I was with the 1st intake in January 1953 having been at High Street Infants. It would be the same Mr Ellis that taught us both at Kingswell but there is a bit of confusion with the Arnold High connection. I am on here as it has connections with the first intakes having been 'refugees' at Bramcote Hills Grammar (my school '56 - '61). So Mr Ellis never taught at Arnold High. He later went on to become Headmaster at a school in Kirkby in Ashfield. You might have been at Kingswell at the same time as either one of my sisters - Shirley / Linda Fox
  3. Ray Ellis....Mr Ellis. Best teacher ever. I was in 2 of his classes at Kingswell school in the early 50s. Brilliant! Some of his teaching methods.......a man before his time! He also initiated the Gym Club; after school on Wednesday nights. We carried on going even after we had left Kingswell. We did PE demonstrations; he organised a rambling trip to Bakewell/Lathkil Dale; we had a Paper Chase. The man was a legend! And all this without ever knowing he was a 'war hero'. I found this out whilst watching a WW2 documentary just a few years before he died. Did some research and found it was our 'Ray Ellis' in the North African Desert and he'd written a couple of books. I read them and arranged to visit him at his home just outside Hucknall. Apparently I was just one of hundreds who went and paid homage to the man. We chatted for about an hour and I told him none of us had any idea about his wartime exploits even though they were barely 10 years old at that time. He confessed that none of the other teachers knew either. Read his books - 'Once a Hussar' & 'Always a Hussar' - you won't be disappointed.
  4. Sad to hear of the passing of Jim Briers. Remember him from his short time at Bramcote Hills. Although he never taught French to our class, the lads in our year whom he did teach were an unruly lot and really gave him the him the run around! When they were playing him up, apparently, he used to stop teaching and say "Right, am just goin' to sit here and wait til yuv all finished with your silly little games"
  5. I remember George Laker, Woodwork teacher at BHGS, Funny, we always had to have some other name for teachers and someone decided that Mr Laker looked like an albatross. So we knew him as 'Albert Ross'! Mr Roberts with his little 'tash reminded us of a he was Spiv Roberts. He used to like punishing us boys with the slipper! Geography teacher, Mr Glover, started coming to school in a flat cap so he was christened 'Andy Capp' and hence known as Andy Glover We got to know Mr Cox, Art teacher's first name was Pete so we openly called him 'Pete' and he didn't seem to mind! I think everybody knew Mr Briers as 'Jim' Chemistry teacher, Mr Hayes, was called 'Gabby' for obvious reasons No nonsense Physics teacher was 'East the Beast'
  6. Basil taught English at BHGS and we also nicknamed him 'Crow' as he was always picking his nose!
  7. Thanks for posting these photos of BHGS in 1958. That's me top row, 10th from the right next to Rich 'Winnie' Winfield from Mapperly. I did BHGS 1957 - 61 after a year at the Tech. So many faces I can still remember after 60 years! Mick Butler, John Collins, Cheese Cholerton, Bob Greasley, Mick Tyler etc, etc All but about half a dozen of them I've not seen since that last school; day in July 1961 Teachers: Headmaster Ben Lyons, Gabby Hayes, East the Beast!, Miss Crick, Mr Ager, Dr Riley, Miss Walker, the gorgeous Miss Benham!, Spiv Roberts, Basil Saggers, Pete Cox (Art) Great days (retrospectively!)