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  1. How about one for Neville King and Old Boy on the wall of the Pelican????? The last time I was over in the Bilborough area the Pilican pub on Bracebridge drive was shut due to having a car parked in the bar area, it was conveniantly place just four feet from the ladies toilets and six feet from the pool table, it had been driven there through the main doors by a disgruntled customer who I believe was served with a warm cloudy pint and a unsealed bag of Salt/Vinagar., is it now open? and if so have they installed a ramp so my friend Nigel and I can wheel ourselves into said pub without having
  2. It’s one small step for man and a giant bleat for a sheep.
  3. One more for you What is round and bad tempered? A vicious circle
  4. There is a joke That has many answers. What is Black white and red all over a penguin with sunburn
  5. There are quite a few Anthony Edwards (for his roll in ER as Mark Greene) Julie Walters Rupert Grint Johnny Depp Jack Black to name but a few
  6. There have been some quite bad jokes comming out of crackers on occasion, one I like though is: What has 22 legs and two wings? a football team
  7. Just in the process of Reading the twilight saga. I am enjoying them nearly finished the third, thinking of going to waterstones to buy the fourth and final one.
  8. Well here we go, 4 weeks to go till halloween and the little t**ts have started already. Reading what you have said to tich about children, I would have thought you liked them no matter what. Halloween should after all only be a bit of fun and a celebration of laying souls to rest, even though I don't actually believe in it my self.
  9. if it is not cars you cant get past, its wheelie bins parked in the middle of the pavement, as I have put in my blog me and "scooby" often struggle to get past them.