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  1. Thank you all for your kind words...Martine...
  2. It is with a sad and heavy heart that i ( Martine ) have to tell you that Fynger passed away this morning....I just wanted you all to know....
  3. SLAN ABHAILE.....indeed..... :-) ...........me too
  4. Found some alleyways here....including Hurts Yard http://www.thomwhite.co.uk/?paged=25 and more Hurts Yard here http://www.thomwhite.co.uk/?p=438
  5. As you go up wollaton vale once you cross the railway bridge the flats took up the whole area on the left all the way up to the Gondola you can see on the pic below that the railway bridge has not appeared yet but you can see the railway and the small black bridge.....hope this helps
  6. This came up in a search John William Armstrong He was the son of George and Annie Armstrong, and had three sisters; Annie Muriel, Iris Jessie and Eunice Mary. He also had a brother Joseph Thomas. His parents lived at 9 Mayfield Terrice, Curtis Street, Meadows, Nottingham, though they later moved to 8 Headon Terrace, Wilford Road, Meadows, Nottingham
  7. I'm not old ...Just because I knew when the Morris dancers were called 'Morris and His Mate'
  8. Tattooist past 20 ( summat ) years