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  1. Newspapers in Nottingham

    Can anyone remember the Clifton (or was it West Bridgford?) Standard newspaper? Must have been late 1950s or early 1960s..
  2. Keep One Drop One

    Tooth Fairy
  3. Great film, now that is nostalgia!
  4. Trainspotting

    Hello Chulla, Since I first posted the above, way back in 2014, a new website has been created that I am sure you will enjoy:- We are in particular looking for memories from people who visited Grantham Station from Nottingham, so if you or anyone else can help, that would be great. Thanks! Smiffy
  5. Fairham Comp

    Looks like Fairham school was burnt down last night according to reports on Radio Nottingham.... Mixed emotions of my time there from 1961 - 1966. Not sure of the damage but maybe time for redevelopment?
  6. The Ropewalk

    Does anyone know why the "Ropewalk" was so named? Thanks - Smiffy49.
  7. Train station haunting?

    Interesting story.... Assuming that you live in Peterborough, were you travelling via Grantham and then catching a connection to Peterborough?
  8. Fairham Comp

    Anyone remember Mr Warren at Fairham? Also Doc Chapman the French Master? One name that escapes me is a teacher who left to go to Africa and about 6 months later we heard that he had been killed over there in a road accident I think?
  9. Fairham Comp

    Fleming House 1961 - 1965 House Master Mr Hind.
  10. Trips to Grantham Station

    I've just come across this old thread again and once more enjoyed reading all of the stories and anecdotes. The Grantham link has recently been revised and can now be found at
  11. Not sure if anyone saw the photographs shown on East Midlands today the other evening. They were taken by a student on Christmas Day morning and with no people or cars about they made the city centre look like a ghost town. I can only assume that everyone was busy at home unwrapping presents or still in bed? The photographer was able to take one shot standing in the middle of the usually very busy road that passes the bottom end of Broad Marsh bus station (forgotten the name?) A little like Nottingham on Sundays in the 50's when most shops were usually closed on that day!
  12. New Year

  13. Strange happenings with my clock

    Is this thread a wind up?
  14. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Happy Christmas to everyone on Nottstalgia.
  15. I had to go over to Nottingham yesterday on business, but it was a very short trip. We caught a train from Newark at 10.45 and returned on the 13.30 total cost about £6 pound each. The city centre was very busy so we decided to walk up towards the Castle area ending up at the Trip to Jerusalem, a pub I last went in about 1968. I looked for the "cursed galleon" and eventually found it in one of the upstairs lounge rooms. Somehow it looked different inside its glass box. Is it the same one? Also the famous "pregnancy" chair looked different too, has this been replaced at some time in the past? There were one or two tourists inside but know one seemed to notice the galleon or the chair until I mentioned it to them. To be honest although the pub was very nice and atmospheric inside, the whole area outside and around the pub seemed quite tacky and untidy from how I remember it. A pity really as I always thought that it was a bit of a landmark and a good attraction for visitors to the city....