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  1. I'm sorry to say I'm unable to move back to Nottingham solely for the purpose of riding on the trams - tempting as that is.
  2. If I don't have a car why should I help pay for the roads you run your car on?
  3. If I still lived in Bulwell I'd be travelling on them all the time. Great!
  4. 'Better by far than going by car'
  5. It's because they love them more than you do. And when they've finished they ride home on the tram.
  6. Well, thank heavens for one good laugh today.
  7. One of the many hazards of smoking.
  8. No doubt it's meant to be the Squadron Leader's car - a bit of a character!
  9. What we need are more trams.
  10. 'Always mix your mustard daily' - well at least that's what it used to say on the tin. The best pork pies are made by Curtis's of Lincoln.
  11. Whoever heard of having any sort of pickles with a pork pie? The only proper accompaniment is mustard - and freshly made from mustard powder not the ready-made stuff from a jar.
  12. In the painting above I'd say the bus was more like 1947 vintage than 1957 - they weren't building them like that at such a late date. Judging by the destination indicator and the livery it looks like an East Kent Road Car bus.