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  1. Hi Does this document contain a plan of the upper floor, also are there any photographs of the internal first floor front windows, facing the portico area? If it does would it be possible for you to upload these? Best regards Ron
  2. Thanks for that ...I will follow that up.
  3. Thank you.....What a memory....In that case I think my photo may have been taken a New Years Eve party.....I have emailed the Theatre Royal but they can establish if the photo was taken there. I`m waiting for a response from a Museum in Nottingham be see if they have any photos. Thanks again Ron.
  4. Wow lucky for your uncle to have met them!
  5. Us Ron Ropers get around.....I currently live in North London. I do my detecting around Harlow, Essex.....I joined a club about 10 years gets you away Smokey and into the country looks nice in Nottingham...have you always lived there? I got into this Forum to try and find where the photo I recently purchased was take.....the window behind Oliver Hardy look like those at the Theatre Royal.
  6. That`s strange I found a Mary Groat date 1553 I think? is in quite good condition.....thanks for the welcome....I thought you were "pulling my leg" ha ha
  7. Of are you.........long time no here! I notice you list one of your hobbies as metal detecting ......I also do that ......found anything gold yet?
  8. That's interesting, did you go to one of the Laurel & Hardy Christmas parties?
  9. They were great together... I particularly loved Hardy's expressions and the look he used to give ...straight into the camera....pure genius.
  10. I'm pretty sure it is in Nottingham and either at one of their Christmas parties or a New Year Party one of the girls received an autograph which I also have.....Stan wrote Happy New Year Marlene on a Promo photo guess is that this photo was in the Empire ......but I would love a photo of the theatre.....but I guess that is going to be tall order!
  11. Hi All I have a photograph of Laurel & Hardy at a party and providing autographs to some young fans. The back of the photograph has the name Adams and a faded address, however you can make out "Nottingham" on the back of the card and a re-ordering number. I know Stan and Oliver played at the Empire around Christmas 1953 and into New Year and I do know they had a Christmas Party after each show whereby fans could meet them and obtain autographs. My question is ....Do you know where these Christmas Parties were actually held and is there anyone out there w