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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I previously posted about a charitable event in Nottingham, that is taking place on July the 27th at 3pm -7pm, on the Nottingham Arboretum. There are various elements to the event and one of them is an exhibition on the History of parks. We are looking for people to share their memories on a memory tree that can be displayed on the day, and that will encourage people to write and hang up their own memory. So if you would like a memory of yours to be shared at the event, please leave a comment for me to include. I will post an update of the
  2. Does anyone know if the old textile mill in Ilkeston called Armstrong's Mill had a name before the JB Armstrong company moved in? Or has it always been called that and is there a tie up between the company and the original owner?
  3. Name five events that have happened in your life time. 1/ Mobile Phones from house bricks to hand held. 2/ TV From Black/White one channel to what we have to=day. 3/ Dog went into orbit Man landed of the Moon. 4/Freddie Laker gave us cheap flights. 5/ Mini Skirts and motor car. There are lots more see what you can come up with?
  4. My colleagues and I have created a new website with an interactive map of memorial sites in Nottingham alongside an assortment of articles about the way in which we remember the World Wars. Please check it out at We welcome any and all feedback and if you have any of your own responses you'd like to share on the site please comment, or don't hesitate to contact us on
  5. Hi All Bit of an appeal for help. Fairly new to the area and have started to do a 'just for fun' bit of research on the locality, which in my case is Sandon St. Specifically, I'm interested in the end near Nottingham Rd, and my ultimate objective is to get the full history of my place (#14) and a more general collection of stories, images etc, which I'll then put all together and post up here for anyone who may be interested to see it. So far so good. My basic research research runs from c1890 to 1917, when I know the Soar family, previously of #40 moved in. Easily obtainable records beyond