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  1. I'm sure it was called Loxley Hall. I definately remember the skeleton down the well!! Does anyone remember the Blitz diner on St James St. A WW11 themed bar?
  2. So it is true!! I think I owe my old Dad a pint!! Doubting his integrity!
  3. This is brilliant for my rapidly reducing memory!!I knew I'd seen Magazine in Nottingham. At the time I thought Nottingham had a terrible music scene, but looking back & reading these comments it was as lively as most other cities, it seems. Wonder why we never produced a great Punk Band? I'm furious I missed the Cortina's playing, I loved them. I knew the Rockabilly bouncer, his name was definately George. Had a reputation for being as hard as nails, never saw him actually throw anyone out tho'. Does anyone remember the Punk club at the ICC on Mansfield road on a Saturday afternoon
  4. I used to love the Sports Day at Plessey. You got a ticket for a free Ice Lolly and drink. The highlight of the Rylands Social Calander. My dad David Swift, used to work in the Stores at Plessy all his adult working life. Not sure if anyone remenbers him? Still lives in the Rylands
  5. I was definately caught up in the punk scene. I saw the Damned, Adverts, Slaughter & the Dogs and Adam & The Ants at Sandpipers, although I was still at school!! I also used to go to Katies in Beeston, I think I saw a local Punk band there called The Stukas. I got my head kicked in loads of times. I got beat up by Teds in Broadmarsh. Looking back, it's pretty odd, they were about 40 years old and I was a kid, what was that all about?. I got beaten up so badley by Skinheads, after a night at the Pipers, that I had to go to hospital. I told my mum I had fallen down the subway stair
  6. Does anyone remember the old joke shop, where the Royal Centre now stands? I think it was called 'The Sign of Four'. I remember the old fellas who used to work there and the wooden boxes behind the counter labelled Fart Powder, Nail thru finger, plastic vomit etc. Or did I dream it?
  7. My Dad swears blind that there was a shop, still there opposite the Theatre Royal - was a stamp shop last time I saw it, that sold nothing but tripe in the 50's. Can anyone verify this, or is it a load of old tripe?
  8. I remember it really well. Downstairs used to play Dub and Punk (77/78) and had the singles down there. I remeber that the alphabetical dividers between singles has union jacks printed on them. I 'liberated' one of the 'Never Mind the Bollocks' posters from the stairwell. Wish I still had it, worth a fortune now. I hung around the court as the Bollocks case was heard, trying to see Johnny Rotten.
  9. That's the fella!! The evening suit, how fantastic.
  10. I hope not, it was pretty awful. I made my Mum tape the whole series, I had better things to do, just to see myself on it. Not a sign of me.
  11. I remeber it clearly. My girlfriend at the time used to buy her rubber dresses from there. I bought a nice pair of black cowboy boots with silver tips(c'mon it was the '80's). The logo was a skeleton with a garland of flowers around it's head. I'm terrible with names, but I used to know the guy who worked there really well, we used to hang out at Rock City. Ian I think!
  12. Oh god, that carpet!! That carpet and the 'going's on' under the stairs!!
  13. I was an extra on Resnick. I answered an Ad in the Evening Post, and was paid about £60 a day(a lot then) !! I was a 'Jazz Fan' and a 'student' in the background in various pubs in Nottingham, one being The Angel in Hockley.
  14. He (Dennis) was on TV last year!! One of those 'City of Vice' type programmes, you know the sort of thing, where we are all meant to be outraged, but secretly hoping for a spot of nudity!! He was arressted for soliciting on a street corner in Forest Fields, the police then discovered that 'she' was indeed a very ugly 'he'!! I don't think S/He was really looking to make any money, just liking the passing attention. Seem him around for years. We all called him Manwomen, we were clever like that! What about the really tall tramp called Itchycoo. White chap with matted dreadlocks and old scho
  15. Yeah, I was there too, was pretty near to opening night. I think the first band that played there, which I went to see was The Human League.