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  1. yes Russ you are right, the reason he was removed was that after the prisoner was hung the body was left for 1 hour before being prepared for a autopsy (stripped) it was a comment by Sid Dernley regarding the dead mans manhood that got him fired.
  2. Ayup plantfit yes you can forget names and the faces that belong to them but you never forget a smell it lingers in you minds eye and nostrils forever, the smell of the tickets you got when you rode the trolly bus, the smell from the pubs as you walked by and a sweet shop, those were the days eh.
  3. Does anyone remember the smells from Treacers polish factory on clayton street in the meadows, what a smell, there used to be wax polish lying around their yard for days and everyone's front room smelt of Treacers polish, then round the corner you had jardines which smelled of cutting oil, what memories.