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  1. It’s possible that I worked with you as I was in the training school with Frank walker.not long after coming out of the training school was made redundant.Charlie Ellis was the machine shop forman, his son Chris went into the fitting shop.we were the same age.
  2. hi roy,i recognise a few faces allthough im not on this pic.going from left to right on the back row in the middle of the girls is George Falconbridge,second from the end is Peter(nobby)Hanner, On the middle row,rt to lft 5th is i think Meesher Congratiuk ,a polish lad so not sure of the spelling who i believe still lives in the meadows at he back of the bus sheds on bunbury street,8th along is David Elliot and at the end is Haydon Simcox.
  3. i knew george falconbridge ,he was in my class at trent bridge so would be around the same age as me,63.i used to be good friends with his cousen Jim carrier,he lived in the same terrace.A lot of school friends lived on bunbury street,i lived on kirkby street which ran across the bottom of bunbury st.if you look at old trent bridge school photos there is a picture of george in my class photo
  4. orange st ran between bunbury st and Arkrwight st, and Bell st ran off it .There were a few houses that were directly on orange st, arkrwight st end, and the rest of the houses were in terraces that ran off orange st., maybe about 10 houses in each terrace, and I think there was about 4 or 5 terraces, my grandma lived in the one nearest to bunbury st.
  5. there was also a pub called The Star. Midland station end of Arkwright of many of my dads old haunts
  6. the other chippy was the Robin hood.chips not as nice as Pete's
  7. Doe's anyone remember S.A. MONK on deering street in the meadows? They also had a smaller factory on Bell st in the meadows and one on castle boulevard.The main factory was in Sutton in ashfield.It was an engineering factory that manufactured industrial knitting machines.I started my apprenticeship there in 1968. Two years later we were all made redundant, as they closed the Nottingham factory's and moved everything to Sutton in ashfield. They employed a lot of people that lost there jobs.
  8. LAZZA

    Can You Name10

    How about-Clifford, Arnold, falconbridge, Elliott, Allcock, Hannah, Hammond, Perkins, and my family the rigleys.
  9. my name is Larry rigley and lived at 28 Kirkby st .I remember the Charlsworth surname but can't put a face to it.most of my mates lived on bunbury st. Mick allcock, Garry Clifford, jimmy carrier, peter Hannah, and David Elliott, although he didn't live on Bunbury st
  10. I remember a few names , left to right on back row is 4th along I think is David Elliott, 6 George falconbridge, 7 is john Hammond. Mid row, 4th along, Josephine ? 8, Mick allccock , 9, peter Hannah, 10, me! Larry rigley.I also remember you Roy.
  11. I remember Mr spungin, he used to teach us religious instruction, remember one day one of the Mullins lads who was in our class , fighting with spungin at the front of the class! We were all cheering him on.he was expelled for a short while for that
  12. I remember Chambers very well! i Was misbehaving in his class and he called me to the front to get the cane, there was a big fireplace in the classroom and I had to bend down can put my head in the fireplace! There was'nt a fire, then he canned my backside which made me jump and I banged my head as well!
  13. Hi Roy,I recognise a few on this photo.Going from right to left,Back row 3rd along whith the glasses is John Hammand,Next to him 4th along is George Falconbridge.Middle row going the same way 2nd along is ME Larry Rigley,Next to me ,3rd along is Peter Hannah,and 4th along is Micheal Allcock,who was then a great friend of mine.I recognise a few more but there names escape me.I have a similar photo but it must be a different year as there are a few different faces.I would have been about 8 yrs old in your photo Cheers Lazza