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  1. Paddy Wheatfields

    Boxing ancestors - Dexter

    I'm trying to confirm that the Nottingham boxer Percy Dexter was the son of promoter Sam Dexter. If so, I think Sam was my grandfather's brother, and Percy my dad's cousin. There seems to be a Sheffield boxer of the same name. Dates around 1920 onwards. Thank you.
  2. Paddy Wheatfields

    Stephen Hallam - Mundella

    Can anybody remember Stephen Hallam, at Mundella in the 1950s, who boxed for the school team in 1953 ?
  3. Paddy Wheatfields

    Morley School, Wells Road

    Ha, I have just found out he died in 1953, if the same chap. Not many would have the same name, Arthur Bertrand Cragg.
  4. Paddy Wheatfields

    Morley School, Wells Road

    Sorry took so long to reply, had almost given up on ever finding him. Must have been in the 1950s to 1960s. Mr Cragg was organist at St Paul#s Carlton as well.
  5. Paddy Wheatfields

    Early Mundella School magazine

    I collect old Mundella magazines, I have got these. Amazing how many people write to the school website for research, especially now the WW1 and WW2 anniversaries are upon us. I keep looking!
  6. Can anybody remember Mr Cragg, teacher at Morley School? Trying to find out any details about him. Also, Mr Wilkinson?
  7. We definitely did country dancing at Walter Halls in the 1950s. I can remember doing some sort of display on the Forest. The girls had black gipsy skirts with coloured banding round the edge, white blouses and velvet boleros. Goodness knows how my mum found the money to pay for the gear, if she had to.
  8. Paddy Wheatfields

    Name The Coffee Bar

    Ah, just thought...was it "The Bohemian"/
  9. Paddy Wheatfields


    I go for that too, thanks!
  10. Paddy Wheatfields


    Does anyone know where the word "babbar" comes from? My grandad used to say it when we touched anything that we should not, like well, anything in his house. He used to bang his hand down on the table and say, quite loud, "babbar!" He said it: bab-are. We must have been tough, if I did that to my grandchildren I don't think I should see them any more. Mind you, psychology's come a long way since the 1940/50s, I always let them investigate things unless too dangerous, then I explain. I wish I'd been my grandad! And he was the only grandparent I had.
  11. Paddy Wheatfields

    Name The Coffee Bar

    "There was another one on the 2nd floor of a building just past there in the Lace Market but the name and location evades me." I wrote about this ages ago but I can't find it now. We used to go to the BO, (not B.O.) at the top of Victoria Street just down from where that Wetherspoons is now. That was up 2 flights of stairs, and I sometimes think how glad I am that it never caught fire. The woman who ran it was dark and mediterranean looking, with long hair, but she was no spring chicken. She always had good music on, sometimes a bit classical, at least I thought so at 15 or 16. I heard Paul Smith saying on Radio Nottm that he used to go there, but he is older than me and I would not remember him anyway. I'm glad someone else remembers it though.
  12. Paddy Wheatfields

    Bilborough Grammar School

    Hello all. Does ANYONE know anything about some Mundella stuff being moved up to Bilborough yonks ago when they thought the whole of Mundella was going to form the new Bilborough School? We are particularly interested in the whereabouts of the WW2 memorial plaques which were last remembered at Bilborough by a dinner lady! Any clues gratefully received, thank you.
  13. Paddy Wheatfields

    Railway Photos

    Don't get on this site often enough these days, but when I do I'm not disappointed. Great photos, thanks.
  14. Paddy Wheatfields

    Mundella Appeal

    You may have seen that we are running an appeal to restore that great big oil painting of AJ Mundella that used to hang in the School Hall. All the relics from the old school have now been rescued from oblivion at the new Emmanuel School, but the Honours Boards, the portrait, and the bust/plinth of AJM were too big too keep in a cupboard! The Bromley House Library in Nottingham ( has taken the portrait and the bust on long-term loan to adorn their soon- to-be redecorated hallway, but the portrait needs a bit of money spending on it. If you would like to make a donation, however small, please see the front page of the website That leaves the Honours Boards, which are much bigger than you remember them! At present they are stashed in someone's shed, but as Spring draws on the helpful family will need to get rid! Any ideas? I foresee a trip to the tip (if Notts CC haven't closed it!)
  15. Paddy Wheatfields

    Amber Vandella

    Did anybody else see that Amber Vandella has died? It is on the Post website Lasting Tribute (deaths) today 24/11/2009