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  1. A note to everyone who received a book from me this Christmas: They are due back at the library on Wednesday .
  2. It's gerrin late so: tThe sun is setting; Trees felled, logged and stacked; Telephone box paid for and delivery arranged; Tent up and ready for tonight......Happy New Year to one and all!
  3. Oops! Forgot to finish decorating the tree - only one bauble
  4. Out and about on Boxing Day. I followed the river known locally as "Dunbeath Water" for about six miles before turning back in the gloom of late afternoon semi-darkness. I have posted photos of the lower strath before so this time I will just post images from beyond the lower strath. The river known as Dunbeath Water. Ruinous croft house on the moor. Victim of the unscrupulous "Highland Clearances" of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The "White Cemetery" at Tutnaguial. This small cemetery is stands all alone, roughly 3 miles
  5. Let me know what dates, PP, and we shall see about a pint or three!
  6. Referring to Jonab's comments on servants puts me in mind of my time in Ethiopia. When we first arrived we were offered a servant. This seemed a bit on the imperial superior attitude side and so I refused. I was then taken aside and had it explained to me that all ex-pats are expected to provide employment for at least one local person, without which the local people would have serious problems due to the lack of employment in the country that was, at that time, at war with itself. I took the servant and paid her to work full-time but asked her to only come in part-time. That seems to have
  7. Just collected six FREE railway sleepers from across the road - there may be more in the offing after New Year, too....whic is nice
  8. Merry christmas to one and all and in the words of the late Dave Allen: "May your God go with you."
  9. 'er indoors bought me a sonic cleaner for my birthday so that I could clean bits and bobs with ease. When she asked what I would like for Xmas I said "A can of cleaning fluid to go with the cleaner you bought me for my birthday." So she looked it up and came back to me with "I can't get you only costs a few pounds; it would be much of a present." I argued that it is what I want and I'd rather have that than an expensive gift that I neither need nor want. No good though, there's a bag of presents by the tree and there's only me in the house - unless she's inviting loads of guests a
  10. PP: Re website picture..........Handy for the pub!
  11. The latest jigsaw is a 1000 piece Wasgij destiny "Mutlins". On the box is Mutlins 1960 and the puzzle is circa 2000s
  12. Didn't they have the same engine as an 1800cc Marina but with twin carbs?
  13. Good point, LL. I rarely call anyone and no-one calls me.
  14. So, there I was waiting for the sun to go down in the corner of the mountain called Morven (Today is the day that the sun sets right in the bottom left corner of the mountain). Bright sunshine all day and just minutes before sunset - a bloody great cloud appeared in the spot where the sun was due to set. Worse still, it disappeared just moments after sunset! GRRRRR!
  15. That's torn it! Went out this morning and shook hands on a deal to buy a red K6 telephone kiosk! They weigh 750Kg so I now have to organise someone to deliver it.
  16. The ubiquitous Christmas present - socks! Anyone have high hopes for a great present this year?
  17. Been out and about again. This time East Sutherland and Easter Ross. White christmas for some by the look of it! Ben Wyvis. Snow on the roads. Low cloud near Brora, East Sutherland. Morning mist (Scotch mist) at Struie.
  18. Beekay: The clock that was to be replaced (original clock) was a backwards movement clock and was always kept on GMT. That one is now repaired and the new broken one will replace it in the shed when the card is stuck back where it belongs. The second new clock will go into the garage and be run on normal time but of course, backwards. The original one, now about twenty two years old, will find a new home in the polytunnel during Spring, Summr and Autumn but will move to the potting shed during winter. Living in an old railway station means that one has to keep time - unlike new railways that
  19. £90 Brew? How much have you paid in to win that money? I reckon I have won the equivalent of about a thousand quid by not doing the lottery
  20. KatyJay: I bought two Wasgij puzzles from a charity shop the other day. They were marked up at £3 each but the woman said they had been on the shelf for so long that she would happilyy take £5 for both. I don't normally pay more than £1 for a 1000piece puzzle but I bought these with my sister in mind. I bought a 1000 piece railway puzzle yesterday for £1 and I will do it over the Xmas period - after I have done the 2nd Wasgij one.
  21. Carni: I keep some of my jigsaws to do again; some have pieces missing (Usually thos I buy from charity shops) - those are binned after use and when my sister visits, she raids my puzzle stash for herself. In return, I get some of hers. I know what you mean about parting with them - I too have favourites that I will not part with.
  22. It's that time of yeaer once again folks! Here's my latest offerring. A Wasgij Destiny series puzzle. For those who aren't familiar with the Wasgij idea -- you are given a picture and have to work out what the actual image might be. In this case it is an airport from the 1920s/30s and you have to guess what the scene might look like 70yrs on. Some are reverse pictures - you see what a person standing in the final puzzle image is seeing and have to reverse it to see what the people in the image on the box are seeing. Anyway here's the airport one:
  23. I bought a clock from Hawkins Bazaar two weeks ago. I noticed that it had stopped on Friday. Close examination revealed that the card face had not been properly fixed to the backing and it was touching the hour hand, causing it to jam. I informed Hawkins and asked for directions of what to do now. Just had an email from them: Hawkins are sending me a replacement and have told me to bin the faulty clock. I shall fix the faulty clock and keept it.... Two clocks for the price of one......RESULT!
  24. Went out and about at Geise, Caithness at dusk yesterday. It was cold and uninviting but managed a few photos: Old barn: Branching out at Geise: Waterfall: Cold and slippery: