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  1. Archie Duncan (Little John) is currently appearing in the 1954 Shelock Holmes TV series on Talking Pictures. It features Ronald Howard as Holmes, H. Marion Crawford as Watson and Archie Duncan as Lestrade.
  2. Be honest now.....Who can look at this picture without singing the signature tune?
  3. RR: That reminds me on one fine morning back in 1973. I was wandering around the cattle market when I spotted huge piles of ex-school dinner-ware. There were glasses, water jugs, dinner and side plates. I bought a set of dinner and side plates for a few pence each and to this day still have two of each dinner and side plates. Turned out they were translucent Pyrex and tough as old boots. My four remaining plates are still used regularly for baking, freezing and even eatinng off. Wonderful, old English-made crockery. They don't make 'em like that anymore!
  4. They make such a racket though! You should hear the cars up here in Scotland: rattle-rattle-rattle as they pass.
  5. I always like to go out for too much to drink to mark the beginning of the weekend - that's about all I miss since lockdown began (Only kidding about "Too much"). The Scottish government were the first to close the pubs and they are intent of being the last to re-open them. There has always been a strong religious element up here that opposes any form of pleasure (The Wee Frees). Sadly, although not in a majority, they seem to have a disproportionate influence on government.
  6. The Midget sounds like a worthwhile project, Phil. Must be worth a few bob nowadays too.
  7. Nothing is wasted in nature. Dead animals are soon despatched by carrion eaters. the only renmants we see in our patch are feathers and the odd stripped ribcage.
  8. Was the Beeston canal wide enough for barges or only narrow boats?
  9. Does anyone know when the last Trent barge found its way up river to Nottingham and how far beyond Nottingham they could travel? There seems to be some barges on the opposite side of the river in this photo. Photo: My brother fishing opposite the Waterways buildings near Trent Bridge circa 1973
  10. Does anyone have a flatbed scanner they no longer use? I am looking for a working flatbed to replace my all-in-one printer etc.. that finds Windows 10 too much to cope with.
  11. Thanks Phil, That's the one I was thinking of. I thought I had posted the question but this morning I couldn't see it so I reposted - hope it doesn't get me a 'telling off'!
  12. Can anyone tell me where the Hearty Goodfellow pub is/was, please? The subject came up elsewhere and I can't for the life of me remember where it is.
  13. The latest 1000 piece puzzle; a present from my little sister. Why is it that if you live in an old railway station people keep buying train stuff as presents?
  14. Successful night spent in tent followed by a bike ride at 0615hrs this morning. Arm stopped bleeding; hip and knee now swelling nicely - black ice on downhill No permanent damage to bike so had breakfast (Beans on toast), then hopped into car and went for a walk in Sibster wood before doing a bit of tree pruning in the sleet and wind. Relaxed with a railway magazine in polytunnel, well wrapped up; now about to enjoy a Baileys by the open fire and watch Steve McQueen's "The ̷S̷l̷o̷b̷ Blob" (Recorded earlier) ...might have a slice of toast and home-made jam, done in front of the fire like we did
  15. PP: I have only seen a true Scottish wildcat once. It was drinking at a mountain stream early one morning. The nearest house was several miles away - which is about as close to us as they will go. Phil: ours are a feral colony. Jill: The true wildcat is indeed endangered. It hasn't stopped the wind farm boys from applying to put up a huge wind farm in a territory know to contain wildcats though. A Public Enquiry turned down the application because of the wildcats but the developers have appealed to the Scottish government and look likely to get consent to destroy the wildcat habitat.
  16. I one began one of those double sided jigsaws. I put a few dozen pieces together and then lost interest. I left it on a table and about a year later went back to it. The colours had faded, making it even more difficult to finish. I still have it to this day. I stuck the finished puzzle together with Blue Peter style "Sticky-back plastic" and keep it on my bedside table.
  17. How's this for a great "result": The day before Xmas the manager of the local Cat Protection came around and told us that a wealthy man's cat had died and that he had made a huge donation to the Cat Protection, to do with as they see fit. She told us that they had decided to buy food with it and distribute it between local people who are known to be feeding feral cats. She opened her van and unloaded about £200 worth of cat food and wished us a merry Xmas!
  18. Just done the online Nottingham Victoria Station jigsaw. Enjoyed.
  19. Interesting roadkill find yesterday: cycling along a country lane I saw something in the ditch under a hedgerow. It was some kind of container with some dark fluid inside and had obviously been there some time because weeds had grown around it. Closer inspection revealed it to be 25l of Caustic Soda....exactly what I needed! I am running low on Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), which I use for cleaning things of stubborn organic matter as well as paint stripping. Result!!
  20. Had a surprise yesterday. My car insurance is up for renewal and I was expecting to have to go through the ritual of phoning around and arguing for a better price. Last year I changed to NFU Mutual car insurance and when I opened my renewal notice from them yesterday I found that my premium, owing to their "Mutual Bonus" scheme and for no loss of cover, had gone DOWN in price by 11.5%! The scheme offers a renewal bonus on a scale of up to 16.5% for each year of renewal. Result!
  21. Compo


    Having decided that roots from nearby trees were preventing the greenhouse soil from working well, I decided to build a 10' long x 2' 8" staging to act as a bench to use for potted plants. I spent some time building the base using 4x2 for the legs and 3x2 for the framework, only to be told by the good lady that I was "Going over the top" and that "Something basic would suffice." By then I had already finished the base and had installed it in the greenhouse. As I was beginning to screw down the slats for the top work surface, what should hit my ears but "It would be nice if one could remove the