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  1. So, had the hare stew in a thick red wine sauce last night and there's still some left for my dinner today. Luckily, I am on my own here when it comes to eating road kill! 'Er indoors simply won't touch it, so there's more for me. The loin I had as a pan fried starter.


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  2. [Seen elsewhere, author not credited]


    The outside toilet.


    In deep midwinter freezing cold,

    Walked down the path, feeling bold,

    Needed to go, just couildn't wait,

    But the wind and rain would not abate.


    Those powdered walls that made you white,

    If you should touch them out of fright,

    When a big black spider came to greet,

    As you sat upon the cold, hard seat.


    The sunday paper cut in squares,

    Waitng to cut your derriere,

    Hung from a nail on the wall,

    Something to read whilst in the stall.


    Alas, the spider's getting near,

    Making your time there fill with fear,

    Suspense is interrupting the flow,

    Should you stay or should you go?


    Try as you might, it will not come,

    So grab a square and wipe your bum.

    With one fast move you're out of there,

    Brushing cobwebs from your hair.


    That was terror when I was a lad,

    So when they put loos inside, I was glad!

    Just be thankful as you pull that chain,

    You need not go outside again.

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  3. PP: There's a myth that the duke, bloody Englishman, gave orders to clear out the crofters from the estate and replace them with sheep. The truth is that it was his Scottish wife that ran the Sutherland estate and her henchman, Scotsman Patrick Sellar, was the bastard that burned peoples homes to make sure they couldn't return.  You may have seen the 100ft high statue of the duke on top of Ben Bhraggie in Golspie. For many years there has been a campaign by nutters to have it demolished. He looks out over his house and the sea. The detractors claim that he is "Turning his back on the estate and its inhabitants".

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  4. PP: The Duke of Sutherland was English. He was the Marquis of Stafford and made millions from coal. He even opened two mines in sutherland bu tteh coal was poor quality and didn't steam well enough to power his factories and so the venture was a failure.


    I did watch the  programme last night and gave it a score of 1/10 on the media review panel. It was poorly presented, badly edited and contained some questionable information.

  5. Col: I used to go caving in Yorks and Derbys 40yrs ago but the only caves I have been in up here are 'Smoo Cave' in the far north and 'The Bone Caves' in Assynt. With an entrance cavern around 150ft high, Smoo Cave is known locally as the Cathedral. Tourists can take a seasonal boat trip into the entrance caverns but the main system is blocked by an ancient fall, currently under investigation by archaeologists. Evidence of fires inside the cave has been found and it caught their atteniton.  The cave system in Assynt is said to run for many miles and possibly connect with Smoo in the north. Excavations might prove the theory in a few years time. The bone caves yielded bones from Pleistocene epoch mammals and evidence of prehistoric occupation by humans.

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  6. Out and about in central Sutherland at Forsinard, Garvault and Syre:






    Ben Klibreck




    Hills around Garvault




    Red Deer stag




    More of the blighters




    Dubh Lochans at Forsinard. Translates to small black pools




    RSPB viewing platform at Forsinard reserve.




    Island in a loch




    Travelled along this road from Kinbrace to Syre for over an hour and saw not a single other vehicle or person




    Syre church




    Syre is a corrugated iron church, well tended.




    Syre church interior. I was the first to sign the visitor bok for 2020, which was nice :)













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  7. The River's have Salmon; the lochs have brown trout but only small ones. One does occasionally see anglers on the lochs but usually on those that are stocked rather than the natural ones. I have met many Munro baggers that carry a collapsible rod for the purpose of trying to catch dinner :)

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