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  1. They were at bottom of nether field as I remember it you went past a row of houses that were kinda all by them selves ... My uncle worked at the labour exchange there and me dad was born on curzon street I think I went to ash well school and chandos then Carlton road school for a year before they shipped you out to the willows
  2. Thankyou was really strange how I got here today as a car passed me that had the number plate Wilcox and I remember a Simon Wilcox that drowned in the gravel ponds (sad times think hd was only 12/13 ) so was looking on Internet your posts brought some amazing memories back thankyou )
  3. So many memories thanks guys ) me gramma lived down Bourne street and it backed on to the Bourne factory ..I remember the noise at night when trying to sleep ( I have a pic of the tall chimney being blown up when they knocked it all down .shops like the sweet shop at top of Bourne street and a hardware shop next to the cafe ..the fish shop ..morrisons food shop(not the big morrisons we all know ) toy shop and green grocers that had this potato Shoot that had loads of spuds tumbling out of it and the butcher a bit further along where on a thurs/fri we would look at the beef joints in the window